Taylor Packaging: Manufacturing Isn’t a Man’s World Anymore

If you have a stereotype of typical owners and managers of a manufacturing company, throw it out the window right now.  Taylor Packaging Company manufactures plastic packaging for products.  The technical name for that process is thermoforming.  They produce packaging for the fishing and hunting products, electronic products, automotive parts, Crown Royal, and other products.  They also have a small line that folds and assembles boxes.  If you’ve bought a fishing lure it was quite likely in packaging manufactured by Taylor Packaging.  But, if you have a stereotype of a brawny guy with a ball cap who owns and runs the plant, you need to adjust your mindset.

Taylor Packaging is owned by the mother and daughter team of Ginger Taylor and Sara Taylor Hardy.  Ginger is energetic and radiates so much confidence you almost don’t notice how tiny she is.  Sara is quieter, but no less impressive.  Their different personalities create a dynamic and successful business team. 

Taylor Packaging was founded in 1980 by Ginger and her ex-partner/ex-husband.  When they founded the company Ginger worked for free.  They took out an SBA 7(a) guaranteed loan that year.  In 1988, they were up to 10 employees with revenues of $1 million and they took out an SBA 504 loan.  They took another SBA 7(a) loan out in 1993 when they changed banks.  At that point they had 12 employees and revenues of $1.2 million.  Sara started working for the company part time in high school and continued working there part time through college.  After her graduation in 1991 from the University of Missouri, Sara came to work full time for the company.  In 1996 Ginger bought out her partner and Taylor packaging is now owned by mother and daughter.  Taylor Packaging now has 35 full time employees and revenues of about $3 million.  They recently bought out a competitor—Ginger had to bring the machines up to her standards before she would allow them to be used in her plant. 

Ginger proudly states she can operate any machine on the floor and one would never doubt her.  She also says she has the safest thermoforming company in the U.S. and she has lower Workmen’s Comp rates to prove it.  Safety is a huge issue for her—she has fired employees for removing safety devices on the machines.  The machines she recently acquired had the safety devices removed and that was one of the things that had to be fixed before she would operate them in her plant. 

Ginger and Sara run a plant with family values—they feel like the employees are part of their family.  The plant manager is “really good” and they emphasize quality and loyalty to customers and vendors along with safety.  They do packaging for 15 different 3M plants—getting that contract required they meet 3M’s exacting standards.  They also run a green plant—95% of the scraps from the production process are recycled. 

Taylor Packaging creates custom molds for their clients.  They use computer- aided design (CAD) to design the model, then they create a model, and then the mold.  They’ve come a long way in that respect considering they got their first computer in the mid-90s for accounting and some processes.  Ginger detested the 1990s accounting before computers.  

As is true for many successful companies, Taylor Packaging also gives back to the community.  They hold the Glen Taylor Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament to provide $2500 scholarships.  They have been active with the Boys and Girls Clubs for years and work with Clarkson Eyecare Foundation to provide glasses for underprivileged children in other countries. 

Manufacturing has long been considered a man’s world, and Ginger and Sara have found challenges along the way.  But once you meet them, you cannot doubt their competence and dedication to the business.  Taylor Packaging continues to grow and thrive even during tough economic times and that fact speaks for itself.  So throw away those old stereotypes and meet the new faces of manufacturing.  They are tough and yet very feminine and don’t look at all like burly guys in ball caps.   

For further information on Taylor Packaging, visit http://taylorpackaging.com/, call (636)464-0003, or visit them at 925 Jeffco Executive Drive, Imperial, MO, 63052.