Whoever Heard of a Green Tool Company? US Tool, That’s Who!


When you think of tool companies, green doesn’t generally spring to mind.  One tends to think of dirt, grime, and the smell of oil.  US Tool Group, formerly known as U. S. Tool Grinding, and now commonly referred to as US Tool, is putting the color green and the smell of money into the equation. 

In this disposable age, US Tool is bringing back the concept of repairing and reconditioning.  The average drill and boring tool can be recycled four times.  The environmental impact is the equivalent of four million pounds of raw material each year.  The reduced mining, smelting, and grinding, creates a substantial energy saving, along with preserving natural resources.  Additional transportation savings are gained because the tools don’t have to go through as many stops to get to the end user.   Pollution is reduced.  The earth itself is just a little greener. 

But all that wouldn’t make much difference in the corporate world if it didn’t save businesses money too.  After all, businesses want to maximize profits.  There are clear cost savings to reconditioning tools.  These savings can be realized as profits, expansion, advertisement, or just staying afloat in tough economic times. 

The quality has to be there, too.  US Tool couldn’t stay in this business, supplying aircraft manufacturers along with other businesses if they weren’t producing quality products. 

US Tool has received some assistance along the way.  They’ve received a couple of SBA guaranteed loans.  They took out a 7(a) loan that has since been paid back and they currently have a revolving line of credit.  A lot of extremely successful businesses have received similar help and gone on to do great things.  US Tool is well on its way to great things, too.  The SBA’s programs are there to help small businesses like US Tool. 

US Tool performs so well in this and other aspects of its business that Mr. Bruce Williams, President and CEO, and Mr. Brent H. Williams, Vice President of Operation, were recognized as SBA’s Region VII Small Business Subcontractor of the Year during National Small Business Week 2011.  The Daily Journal covering St. Francois County wrote up their successes May 21, 2011 edition.  After all, US Tool is based in the small southeastern Missouri town of Desloge.  With approximately 475 employees, they’re big news, as well as a big employer, down there.  Maybe some of the “waste not, want not” values of our grandparents are maintained in that small town.  They’ve definitely found a way to make a profit from re-using what is available. 

So, the newer concept of being green merges with the older concept of using what you already have.  The end results are the green that pays the bills.  So, now when you think of tool companies, maybe you’ll think of a greener earth and the green of good old cold hard cash.  And a successful small business in Desloge, Missouri, called US Tool…