Success Stories

In the grim economic news of trade deficits and recession, stories of American businesses that successfully sell innovative energy-saving and cost-saving products and services to the rest of the world are often overlooked. One such company is Environmental Dynamics, Inc., known as EDI, of Columbia, Missouri, whose company goal is to save energy with environmentally friendly processes. Founded in 1975, more than 50% of EDI’s products and services are exported to more than 90 countries around the world. A leader in energy conservation for others, they also run a “green” plant themselves, recycling all dropped PVC in the plant and producing no toxic waste.

EDI has achieved success and has become an employer of 120 people through innovative designs, conservation of natural resources, flexibility, and adaptability. The company thinks of themselves as “solution providers”, uniquely able to evaluate the customers’ problems and recommending the right solution. They sell... Read More