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Dancing to Success

Business Description: When Lindsey Claire Hutchins began Lindsey Claire Dance Company in
2013, she knew the focus of the business needed to center around her core values of service,
leadership, discipline, respect and confidence.

In the beginning, the business had one employee and just a few students. Today, Lindsey Claire
Dance Company has grown to 270 plus students and 7 employees, leading to increasing

Lindsey Claire learned very early in life about the importance of hard work, persistence, and
passion. She learned from family to follow your dreams, and that anything is possible. Lindsey
started dancing at age 2 and by the age of 18, she knew she wanted to open her own dance school
one day. Attributable to her passion for children, Lindsey’s goal is to impact the lives of youth
by building their self-esteem and developing their talents.

Lindsey Claire Dance Company provides a variety of comprehensive dance and tumble lessons
to students that help them develop the fundamentals of dance and proper techniques. “Our
talented and enthusiastic team of instructors and staff are committed to developing and nurturing
talent at both the recreational and competition level of dance,” said Lindsey.

SBA Assistance: Lindsey received counseling assistance and classroom instruction from the
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to help her with the business plan. The SBDC
helped form the Lindsey Claire Dance Company from the ground up, while helping to galvanize
her business strategy.

Number of Employees: 7

Response to adversity or problems: Lindsey’s dream was to own and open a dance studio.
“There have been many hurdles I have had to overcome while owning my business. I had to
sacrifice time spent with my family and friends. The startup of the business and the construction
of the building proved very time consuming. I had a strict deadline to meet and I didn’t get to
spend any time with those I loved during the first few months. At 21, Opening my business was a
risk but I had a vision and refused to fail. After the first couple of months of opening, I realized I
didn’t have time to complete my degree. I decided to not go back to school in order to grow and
develop my business,” said Lindsey.

The business has grown, and Lindsey is planning to expand from the 300 square foot facility to
accommodate the growing number of students at Lindsey Claire Dance Company. “My goal is to
increase enrollment to 300 students by next year. I plan to have all classes filled to capacity
including weekday and weekend classes,” said Lindsey.

Community Involvement: Community is one of Lindsey’s core values that she feels most
strongly about. In addition to the dance school, Lindsey owns a non-profit organization, The
Purple Reader Project. This organization collects and donates, books to Mississippi elementary
school libraries. Each year Lindsey collects toys for the Salvation Army and Toys 4 Tots
programs during the holiday season.

Company Name: Lindsey Claire Dance Company

Location: Raymond, Mississippi