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Integrated Management Services Wins 2015 Regional and State 8(a) Graduate of the Year Award

Integrated Management Services Wins 2015 Regional and State 8(a) Graduate of the Year Award

Rod Hill is the Co-Founder and President/Chief Operation Officer of Integrated Management Services.  The firm was founded in February 1996 by Rod Hill and John Calhoun, Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Management Services.  Integrated is a full-service consulting, engineering, emergency response, management and operations firm helping public and private clients improve the environment and infrastructure. 

In 1998, Integrated Management Services entered into the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program, which helps small disadvantaged businesses compete in the federal marketplace and assist in securing government contracts. 

As a small disadvantaged business, the 8(a) certification made it possible for Integrated to solicit projects offered by the federal government that added new dimensions to its strategic plan. Integrated grew from a two person firm in Jackson, Mississippi to a firm that currently employs over than three-hundred people.  While participating in the 8(a) program, Integrated garnered several contracts worth millions of dollars that has helped fuel a new era of sustainability for the company.     

Integrated has been providing innovative solutions developed through strong client relationships of mutual trust, respect and a commitment to quality and integrity.  Integrated clients include local, state and federal governmental agencies, and industries ranging from locally owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Integrated is proud of the sterling record it has amassed exhibited by the satisfaction levels expressed by the clients it has served.