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Tim and Barbara Alamsha were veterans of the music business when they decide to open
Rock U2 in May 2011. They had performed together as working musicians and Tim
previously worked as an entertainment director for both Walt Disney World and Universal
Studios in Florida.

Barbara has over 20 years of performance and entertainment experience in a wide range of
musical styles while Tim has decades of experience in the entertainment industry as well. He
is a music producer with knowledge in engineering, arranging, co-writing and composing all
styles of music and video production.

Once settled on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the couple turned their attention to what they
wanted to do professionally. They knew they wanted to work together again and do something
involving children and music.

Drawing on Tim's experience working with the legendary Gladys Knight in developing a
curriculum for Knight's Talent Camp for Children, as well as a list of things they wished they
would have had available to them as young musicians inspired the opening of Rock U2.

"We wanted to be more than just private lessons," Barbara said. "We wanted to be a place
where there could be a lot of interactive programs that uses the band program as a primary
focus area. The band program takes it to another level when they have the opportunity to be
able to work as a team, to learn discipline, and commit to goal-setting.”

ROCK U 2 believes that performing is an important component to the creative zeal found in
musically inclined individuals and there is no substitute for the time spent on stage. Quarterly
concert and recital opportunities are provided for all their students. These performances assist
with goal setting, learning to work as a team, and building a student's confidence and self -
esteem. Private music lessons are offered for ages 5 through adult on various instruments
most notably the piano, drums, signing, and stringed instruments. In addition to specialized
instruction involving horned instruments the students also able to register to be part of a band
or vocal performance group complete with professional recording studio assets. This makes

ROCK U 2 a haven of sorts for both current and aspiring songwriters. Lastly, the studio is
equipped with video production capabilities that allow artists to promote their talents using
audio visual provisions.

Both revenues and the number of employees who support ROCK U 2 have been steady. From
2014 to 2017, ROCK U 2 sales grew by 140 percent leading increases in employee capacity of
150 percent. This is attributable to the substantial gains in equity value for the firm since its
opening. Making this possible is the diversified business model employed by ROCK U 2 that
involved the purchase of a 9,000 sq. ft. facility that allows the company to diversify its
product offerings such as dance/ballet classes and theatrical training.

Barbara and Tim received counseling from SCORE to develop a business plan that would
later be used to initiate this venture. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) proved
pivotal in the assistance conveyed when they decided to expanded their operation.

With funding for music and theatre arts programs being cut in public schools across the
country, the Alamshas’ responded by created a non-profit organization that helps provide
scholarships to students involved in the performing arts. This charity formed in 2011, targets
under-served students residing in Harrison and Jackson counties.

Rock U 2
Barbara and Tim Alamsha, Owners
Ear Candie Productions, LLC
D/B/A Rock U 2
2820 Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564