About Us

About Our Office: 

The Montana District Office is the only SBA office in Montana and serves all 56 counties. Montana is the fourth largest state covering approximately 147,046 square miles. Greatest distance from east to west boundary: approximatley 550 miles, greatest distance from north to south boundary: approximately 320 miles in western Montana and approximately 280 miles in eastern Montana. Thousands of miles are traveled each year providing financial and business assistance to the small business constituency of Montana.

Montana has 30,641 small businesses with employees covered under the Worker's Compensation System. There are another estimated 120,173 self employed workers. Over 99% of businesses in the state are classified as "small" and 89.65% of all employment in the state is in small business. Small businesses are very important to Montana's economy. Recent covered employment data shows that about 41 percent of the state's wage and salary jobs are with firms employing fewer than 20 people—and about 75 percent are with businesses employing fewer than 100 people. Only 20 businesses are classified as "large" by SBA standards.

The Montana District Office services a population of 904,433 individuals of which 364,127 are either over 65 or younger than 18 years old. The remaining population of 538.068 are clients or prospective SBA clients. There are also 78,123 government employees and 27,600 farms and ranches in the state. The population of the state is 90.6% non minority. Native Americans comprise 6.2% and other minorities comprise 3.2% of the population. Montana's gross state product is over $21.7 million (2000).