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SBA Celebrates and Supports AAPI-Owned Small Businesses

Pushpinder Garcha
Golden Tech Systems, Inc.
101 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28280

Pushpinder Garcha Pushpinderis living the American dream. Originally from India, Pushpinder came to the United States on a student F1 visa to further his education. Following graduation, he was granted a work visa and went on to become a naturalized citizen. Today, Pushpinder holds a top-secret clearance and is the owner of the firm Golden Tech Systems.

Pushpinder took the plunge and started GoldenTech in 2007.  Right from the beginning he wanted to ensure his company focused on the belief in helping others succeed and developed a business strategy for being resilient, empowering customers, and growing from mistakes.  Initially that meant providing augmented staff through sub-contracts but eventually he found a niche in cyber solutions.

As GoldenTech found its identity, so too did Pushpinder as an entrepreneur.  He knew that in order to continue his desire of helping others, he would need to grow and expand his business’s outreach.  It was 2015 when Pushpinder was introduced to the programs and resources of the Small Business Administration, and by 2017 GoldenTech became a firm in the SBA’s  8(a) program.  It was through the 8(a) program that GoldenTech was awarded its first major federal contract, fulfilling a requirement for the United States Air Force.

 “The 8(a) program was my magic golden arrow,” said Garcha. “I learned that a small business cannot build an Ohio class submarine; however, they can create a piece that contributes to its lethality.”

Pushpinder is also a graduate of the 2018 SBA’s Emerging Leaders class. He credits the course for providing him with the opportunity to network with other business owners and for teaching him how to effectively run an office.

“The Emerging Leaders program was eye opening,” said Garcha. “If you are too focused on the little elements of the business, you cannot run the business.”

Most recently, GoldenTech received an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and an SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. These loans were made available from the CARES Act of 2020. 

“SBA has been helpful to open doors that would not have been open to small business, especially a minority business,” said Garcha.  “They were critical in helping us with our first contract and, more recently, with the application and approval of EIDL and PPP.”

Going forward GoldenTech aspires to continue helping others succeed by providing Cloud based solutions, systems administration, and cyber security.