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ND SBA Express Loan Program

Application Forms:

  • Lender's Application for Guaranty for All 7(a) Programs (SBA Form 1920)
  • Borrower Information Form (SBA Form 1919) This form is completed by each 20% or more owner of the company and kept in the Lender's file after review for any adverse information. If there is adverse information, please contact Deb Kantrud in the District Office at 701-239-5497.
  • Request for Copy or Transcript of Tax Form (Form 4506-T) Keep a copy in your file with date submitted to IRS.
  • Loan Authorization. This file details the Lender's commitment to the borrower and SBA's guaranty commitment to the Lender. It is completed and signed by the Lender on behalf of SBA. Be sure to add a statement that the Annual Service Fee (SBA On-Going Guaranty Fee) will be 0.55% (55 basis points) of the guaranteed portion of the outstanding balance.
  • Delegated Lenders are responsible for checking the Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS) to determine if any of the borrowers have outstanding Delinquent Federal Debt or Prior Loss. You may access CAIVRS at Keep the documentation in  your loan file.
  • All Lenders must inform the Applicant that if the small business defaults on the SBA-guaranteed loan and SBA suffers a loss, the names of the small business and the guarantors of the SBA-guaranteed loan will be referred for listing in the CAIVRS database, which may affect their eligibility for further financial assistance.

All Express applications must be submitted to SBA via E-Tran or SBA One after logging into the Capital Access Financial System (CAFS).


SBA Veteran's Advantage - SBA is waiving up-front guaranty fees on Express loans to applicants owned and controlled (51 percent or more) by one of the following groups:

  • Veterans;
  • Active duty military participating in the military's Transition Assistance Program;
  • Reservist or National Guard member;
  • Current spouse of any of the above; or
  • The widowed spouse of a service member or veteran who died during service or of a service-connected disability.


If you have any questions, please contact: