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Success Stories

Al Haut, SBA; Carlos Sosa, SBA; Les Paulson; Diane Paulson;  Dianne Pierce, Dakota Western Bank

Les and Diane Paulson are a husband and wife team, who operated a portable seed conditioning business for many years in Bowman, North Dakota. When they decided to expand and build a plant in 1997, they approached Dakota Western Bank for financing. Through an SBA 7(a) loan, combined with assistance from the Bank of North Dakota and the Bowman County Economic Development Corporation, Paulson Premium Seed & Conditioning was born. The plant specialized in quality grain processing for commercial use.

Les oversees management of the plant, and concentrates much of his efforts on obtaining new, quality seed with traits and characteristics which result in better production, and in turn are more marketable around the globe. He often travels with trade missions to other countries to obtain new buyers. Les also has been instrumental in introducing new pea and lentil varieties to the area. He spends considerable time researching which varieties are best suited for customers. As their... Read More

Justin Lindteigen

Justin Lindteigen’s interest in construction goes back as far as he can remember – from watching his grandfather in his woodworking shop, to summer jobs doing roofing and framing. Unsure of how he should tie it in to his undergraduate studies, Justin took a break from school and joined the North Dakota Army National Guard in 2004. After basic training, it’s no surprise that his first job in the army was working with concrete asphalt.

Over the next several years Justin worked in a local lumberyard that specialized in residential remodeling, custom home building, and commercial construction. He moved his way up from sales to project manager, and learned how to take a project all the way from start to finish. It was a great fit, and Justin couldn’t keep the idea of owning his own construction business out of his mind. He started to take on additional roles, as well as attend trainings on business and government contracting.

In 2008, Justin's Guard unit was deployed to... Read More

Dean Atchison, Spectrum Aeromed, has been selected as the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2014 North Dakota Small Business Person of the Year. This annual award recognizes exceptional business owners who demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit in starting and growing a successful business. Atchison was selected following a statewide competition.

The air ambulance industry is one that typically flies under the radar, with few competitors and complex products. Spectrum Aeromed spent sixteen years trying to establish itself in that market but ended up struggling financially and facing bankruptcy. Seeing a challenge worthy of leaving his established career in banking, Dean Atchison decided to acquire the company in mid-2007 with high hopes to improve their design and manufacturing of customized air ambulance medical interiors. He knew substantial changes would need to be made, and started with the vision to be the best in class and save lives. He wanted to move the company... Read More

Building a successful business from scratch is one of the most challenging endeavors anyone could undertake. This process often requires business owners to start on a shoestring budget and reinvest earnings back into their business for several years until the company has enough capital to sustain its operations. Such was the case for Agency MABU, a North Dakota-based company specializing in marketing, advertising and website development.

Agency MABU’s owner Mike Mabin had a burning desire to start a business from a very early age; however, his parents who were successful entrepreneurs during his childhood went through a devastating bankruptcy in Mabin’s Senior year of high school. The family lost nearly everything - an experience that deeply impacted Mabin’s dreams of starting his own business.  

He worked his way through college on a part-time basis and attained a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree over a 10 year time period. While attending college, as well as... Read More