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Nebraska District Office | Leadership Biographies

Timothy R Mittan, District Office Director

Timothy Mittan PortraitTim Mittan is a Nebraska native, who was most recently an Economics and Entrepreneurship Instructor at the Southeast Community College. He has been with SCC off and on for 20 years, taking a short break to work in Southern California where he was the Associate Director for the Los Angeles Regional Small Business Development Center Network.  He oversaw operations for the Lead Center hosted by Long Beach City College and the service centers in the LA SBDC network.

Over the past 17 years, he has had extensive participation in entrepreneurship education and economic development. In that time, he helped create entrepreneurship education at Southeast Community College. He successfully created, launched and ran the SCC Entrepreneurship Center and Focus Suites and helped launch several businesses throughout the State of Nebraska. This experience allowed him the opportunity to write a book, The Pocket Business Coach: Creating and Enjoying an Entrepreneurial Life.

Tim received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from Peru State College and his Masters of Arts in Management from Doane University.  In order to become an Economics instructor at SCC he continued his masters level education at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs where he focused his learning toward the Economics of Disasters and Environmental Economics.  

Prior to delving into the world of Entrepreneurship and Economic Education, he was the General Manager of an aircraft services company that contracted ground services for TWA and American Airlines. In his free time, he directs a local Improv comedy troupe, Occasionally Hilarious! and teaches introductory and advanced level Improv classes.