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Native American Minority-Owned Business Owner Named 2010 Small Business Person of the Year

Native American Minority-Owned Business Owner Named 2010 Small Business Person of the Year

As president of All Native Services, Lance Morgan leads an award-winning tribal-owned small business that provides managed and professional services, including program management, public affairs, and complete voice and data communications solutions.

In 1994, Morgan was asked by Winnebago Tribal leaders to organize Ho-Chunk, Inc., the reservation’s economic development company. At the time, the reservation in northeast Nebraska suffered nearly 70 percent unemployment. Today, there are more than 20 companies under the Ho-Chunk umbrella, including All Native Services, and unemployment on the reservation has dropped to less than 10 percent.

All Native Services has an international presence and also offers specialized government programs in operations, maintenance, training and professional services, including government services and temporary and permanent staffing. In 2009, the company produced $25 million in annual revenue, with more than 300 employees in four countries.

Morgan is active in his community, and has ensured more than $1 million from corporation profits have been returned to the community for scholarships, expansion of the tribal college, and job training programs for Winnebago members. He brought the Junior Achievement Organization to the Winnebago School, becoming the nation’s first tribal school on a reservation to offer Junior Achievement to students. Morgan also started a summer intern program that provides outstanding college students of the Winnebago Tribe valuable work experience within a business environment and tracks potential tribe members for prospective employment.

In addition to his leadership with All Native Services, Morgan spearheaded development of a new 40-acre Ho-Chunk Village, offering affordable homes, stores, businesses, a youth center and a town square for tribal members. With a strong commitment to using and developing clean sustainable energy systems, Morgan began a Renewable Energy Division within the firm in 2009. Under his guidance, the firm has deployed numerous wind and solar systems on the reservation and has sold them in the regional marketplace. It is one of the few renewable energy companies with its own production system.

Morgan is a highly sought after leader, and more than 100 tribes across the nation have asked Morgan for advice to replicate his model for economic development. He has received numerous honors and awards, and has been named the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 2010 Region VII Minority Small Business Person of the Year. SBA’s Region VII includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.