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Success Stories

The squeals of little voices still echo throughout the halls from the rooms of this former elementary school in Norfolk, thanks to help from an SBA guaranteed loan.

Northern Hills Childcare, which opened in September 2012, offers busy parents an inviting place for their children to run, play and learn.  

“The space is great,” owner Liz Sudbeck said.  “We love having enough room for letting the kids run and play.”

For the kids, there are age- and developmentally-appropriate playgrounds, lively-colored classrooms with large windows and plenty of activity areas, a gymnasium, and a calendar packed with field trips and preschool programs. For parents, there’s the assurance that the electronic security and staff members trained in first aid and CPR will keep their kids safe, with parking just steps from the front door.  

With two big 15-passenger vans, Northern Hills Childcare transports kids to about eight different schools in the area, offering before-school... Read More

Jason Fischer couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He got a message from an associate that a robber had hit his business. Gone was everything the thief could carry, all his expensive camera equipment, tens of thousands of dollars’ worth that he needed for Surreal Media Lab, his design and media business.  Years of work, of pouring money from a job here and a job there back into his one-man media company trying to make a name in the community, out in a flash.

And the gut punch?  His insurance policy would not be covering the loss due to a technicality. “How am I going to fix this?” he asked himself.

Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this story.

Today, Fischer is one of Omaha's most sought-after director/producers and visual designers, building a small business around crafting his artistic vision for nearly a decade.  Over the years, he moved from airbrush illustration and acrylic painting, incorporating graphic art into his work, and began to... Read More

It’s a two-story sandstone brick and glass stylish hotspot off the busy 168th and West Center location in a burgeoning Omaha neighborhood of cutting-edge restaurants and popular boutiques.  There’s even a new apartment development going up across the street.  During the summer the place is buzzing with parties outside; in the winter there’s an auburn glow inside. The heady scent of yeasty fresh beer brewed fresh in-house fills the huge dining room surrounded by brick and inviting wooden touches.

Brian Magee inside Upstream Brewing Company's West O location.

But without the help of the SBA’s 504 loan program, it might not be a stretch that Upstream Brewing Company’s west Omaha location would have vanished from the scene.

Bringing the Upstream experience to Omaha

Years ago, Brian Magee served as the food and beverage director at a distinguished landmark hotel in Lincoln, serving fine fare to the capitol city’s decision-makers and visiting aristocracy... Read More

Oops! That new smart phone just tumbled out of your bag, crashed into the sidewalk and put an ugly spider web crack in the screen.  Relax – that phone will be fine.  There’s somebody in Omaha who once worked on F-15 avionic systems for the U.S. Air Force who can make that phone as new as the day it came off the shelf.

Jeff Wharton is that somebody, and First Aid Cellular, the business he founded with his father, a retired U.S. Army veteran, has gotten off the ground thanks to an SBA Patriot Express loan.  Go ahead, ask him what’s the worst damage he’s seen.

An owner putting a smart phone on top of a car and absent-mindedly driving off?  

The construction worker dropping one into a cement mixer?  

How about an iPad falling off a five-story building to the ground?

All fixed.

And dealing with the most exasperated and panicked customer or business owner bringing in shattered pieces is a snap for a company run by a couple of veterans who have... Read More