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Success Stories

She was a great friend at the bank for small business owners who just couldn’t get the hang of accounting.  She even went so far as to suggest her bank president boss sponsor a Saturday morning class where seasoned business owners could mentor less skilled entrepreneurs in bookkeeping.

Her boss was exasperated continually with her efforts, scolding her that the bank didn’t have the resources to guide every small business owner having trouble tracking where their dollars went.

So Connie Harvey set her jaw, quit her job at the bank, and turned to helping those frustrated business owners – and in the process, became a small business owner herself.

Reaching out to other small business owners

Harvey’s business, Efficiency Counts, has served for the past eight years as a trusted consultant in central Nebraska, offering QuickBooks Training and support, regular bookkeeping and database design and consultation. 

And, she says with a smile, she’s now... Read More


Folks needing that hard-to-find tire for their four-wheel drive vehicle know they have a friend to do the work at Hardcore 4x4—thanks to SBA financing.

What customers get there is service from somebody who turned his obsession into a successful business.

Cory and Heather Schmidt (above) started the St. Paul, Neb., company in 2008, building a garage to specialize in four-wheel drive work, lift kits and modifications.  The business was a natural fit for Cory, who, at age 17, owned four-wheelers and spent his spare time "lifting them, customizing them," he said.  "So when we had the opportunity to turn my hobby into a career, we did it.  If you don't love your job, your job probably isn't right for you."

And this job is a perfect fit for him.  Schmidt loves "taking a customer's car that's average and turning it into something extraordinary, and making it stand out in a crowd."

Would even take vacation time to work on his Blazer

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For their friends and neighbors, they're the perfect solution for a good night's sleep.  Never mind the work they do also can improve health and save lives.

Since 2006, Western Sleep Medicine, the SBA's Nebraska 3rd Congressional District Small Business of the Year for 2012, has provided polysomnographic services to aid physicians in identifying and treating sleep disorders in hundreds of patients. 

The business was nominated for the honor by Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) Scottsbluff Director Ingrid Battershell.

The SBA Nebraska District Office names one outstanding small business to represent each of the state’s three congressional districts based on staying power; growth in number of employees; an increase in sales and unit volume; current and past financial performance; innovativeness of product or service offered; response to adversity; and, contributions to community-oriented projects.

Fast growth fit a critical need

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Their Lincoln area neighbors can breathe easier, drink cleaner water and enjoy savings on their energy bills thanks to their hard work.  

But Midlands Recycling is too busy to take credit for a cleaner capital city in the Cornhusker State.  In 2011 alone, the company sorted and bailed 14,400 tons of paper material, recycling efforts which saved more than 100,000 trees and enough water to supply almost 700 families for a year.  They also saved more than 47,000 cubic yards of landfill, which has helped the city extend the capacity of its current landfill beyond its 25-year lifespan.

Midlands Recycling, just south of Lincoln’s historic Haymarket District, was purchased by Palmer and Sons, a family-owned firm in the refuse business for more than a quarter-century.  Palmer had rented the operation over the previous year or so before they used the proceeds from an SBA 504 loan approved Sept. 2010 with the help of the Nebraska Economic Development Corp. (NEDCO) and... Read More