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Success Stories

Native American Minority-Owned Business Owner Named 2010 Small Business Person of the Year

As president of All Native Services, Lance Morgan leads an award-winning tribal-owned small business that provides managed and professional services, including program management, public affairs, and complete voice and data communications solutions.

In 1994, Morgan was asked by Winnebago Tribal leaders to organize Ho-Chunk, Inc., the reservation’s economic development company. At the time, the reservation in northeast Nebraska suffered nearly 70 percent unemployment. Today, there are more than 20 companies under the Ho-Chunk umbrella, including All Native Services, and unemployment on the reservation has dropped to less than 10 percent.

All Native Services has an international presence and also offers specialized government programs in operations, maintenance, training and professional services, including government services and temporary and permanent staffing. In 2009, the company produced $25 million in annual revenue, with more than 300 employees in four... Read More

Nebraska Family-owned Business is Named Small Business Person of the Year 2009

James (Jim) Hellbusch, President, and Connie Hellbusch, Treasurer, of Duo Lift Manufacturing Company, Inc. located in Columbus, Nebraska has been named the Nebraska Small Business of the Year for 2009.

Duo Lift Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of agricultural equipment primarily for the fertilizer industry as well as commercial and industrial trailers.

The company was founded in 1943 by Jim’s father, Art Hellbusch, a Columbus-area farmer who suffered a back injury during corn harvest season. After injuring his back scooping corn, Art traded in his scoop shovel after developing a wagon lift fashioned out of pulleys and cables. The lift boosted the wagon’s box and grain poured out the back. It wasn’t until 1946, after hydraulic power was put to use that the small business arrived at its name. After the wagon lifts had been converted with two hydraulic lifts, Art’s wife, Vernetta, suggested the name Duo Lift because of the wagon’s two... Read More

Green Business Owner Receives 7(a) Loans to Purchase Drill and Achieve Growth

There are a lot of Ideas for Green Energy, and an Omaha-area Company is Putting One of Those Ideas Into Place Geothermal Green Team is a 10-person engineering firm working out of a cramped office on the second floor of a warehouse in Gretna, NE. They’ll never feel comfortable in cubicles, and their meetings are out in the mud at a busy job site, with boots and work shirts instead of oxfords and ties. Glancing around their dimly-lit office with the dingy floor, wall decorated with a large white board, progress of jobs scrawled seemingly haphazardly, these guys seem at first unlikely to be on the cutting edge of renewable technology.

Here’s how they end up saving their customers an average of 30 percent or more off their energy bills. Drilling several holes 500 feet into the near-constant 50-degree ground, the team stretches a length of polyethylene pipe from the structure to the surrounding soil and back. While a common air conditioner in the steamy Nebraska summer ... Read More

Lincoln Technology Firm Named 2010 Nebraska Small Business of the Year

James Bowen and Nick Bock, and their company, Five Nines Technology Group, LLC, located in Lincoln, NE., have been named the Nebraska Small Business of the Year for 2010 by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

The information technology firm was nominated for the honor by Marisol Rodriguez, Director, Nebraska Business Development Center, Lincoln, NE.

“Five Nines mission is bringing business intelligence and a passion for technology to every client interaction,” say Bowen and Bock.

Five Nines is an information technology company providing managed services, IT support, and consulting services to small- and medium-sized businesses in the Midwest.

Their company name is a nod to a measure of computer operating system reliability of 99.999 percent, which translates to a total downtime of only five minutes and fifteen seconds per year.

An SBA-backed line of credit from Cornhusker Bank in December 2008 was crucial to drive... Read More