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Success Stories

Jim Glazer was looking for a change of pace.  After graduating from Duke University and then the University of Michigan with an MBA he spent a few years working in public accounting. But after a while he was, as he puts it, “looking for something a lot more fun.” He wanted the “opportunity to work with people, create solutions and make people’s lives better” because it’s a “lot more fun than messing around with numbers.”

That opportunity came about in 1991 for Jim, his father and his brother when they took ownership of Elliott Equipment Company. Elliott was started in Omaha, NE in 1948 by Richard Elliott. It supplied contractors with equipment to construct the electrical grid and interstate highway system after WWII. The company currently engineers and manufactures a variety of aerial work platforms, truck mounted cranes and digger derricks.

The Glazer family has successfully grown the company from 20 employees to 165 over 27 years of ownership. Elliott Equipment has... Read More

Maria Swenson and some of her staff at MLCS Family & Youth Services in Alliance on Red Nose Day, a worldwide campaign to raise money for children's causes

The sirens shattered the quiet of the small town in the Nebraska Panhandle, and the safe, assured feeling locals had -- that bad things happened in other places.  

News reports would tell of the gunman's spree which left his father dead; then, after failing to rob a downtown pharmacy, taking the pharmacist hostage during a 14-hour standoff, ending in a shootout with a SWAT team. That exchange left several law enforcement officers wounded and hospitalized, the pharmacist hurt, and the perpetrator dead. 

The town of Alliance reeled from the violence, but vowed to take their community back.

Maria Swenson vowed to do her part, one troubled youth at a time.

"I thought about how tragic the lives of some of our young people are," she said. "Some never get the help they need, whether it's for lack of services, lack of money or lack of knowledge of what's out there, or a lack of perception that they do need some help."

She'd just need an SBA Microloan to... Read More

Chef Doug Trammel (left) and owner Nick Bartholomew in the kitchen of Omaha's first chef-driven drive-thru restaurant.

His second-grade teacher once told him she thought he was either going to wind up behind bars, or wind up owning a city block. After a couple of career detours, the still-obstreperous Nick Bartholomew makes no apologies that he's well on his way to the latter, starting with the latest in locavore eating in Omaha's Millard neighborhood.

To think it took Bartholomew willing to chuck a career as a stockbroker at his father's firm and an SBA Lender Advantage loan approval to make it happen.

Bartholomew's idea, Over Easy, boasts a unique chef-driven menu packed with locally-sourced delectables for breakfast and lunch. Try the homemade Pop-Tart packed with plums and the house favorite, the herb biscuits and gravy whipped up with ingredients from area farms.  And then there's the inviting hash brown rounds with bacon, cheese and caramelized onions.

Better, diners on the go can pull up to the drive-thru window and watch the chef prepare his recipe of a farm fresh baked... Read More

Scott Mueller of Samson LLC

It started when Scott Mueller had ambition to grow beyond raising crops and feeding cattle on the family farm in north-central Nebraska. Today, he's the head of Samson LLC, a diverse, environmentally-responsible agricultural business in Columbus, one that's grown a workforce from two employees in 2001 to eight today, and a 9.5 percent bump in sales over the past three years, to $3.1 million in 2014.

As if that weren't enough, for diners with a palate for juicy, tender Certified Angus Beef, Mueller met with cow-calf producers for his feed lot to meet the high standards for the brand.  Then, becoming the only licensed feed lot and restaurant combination in the country, he, along with his wife, Pat, opened the now-popular Traditions Inn and Restaurant in town to serve up those prized steaks.

And from that taste of the hospitality industry, Mueller teamed with investors to secure $1.7 million in financing from an SBA 504 loan with help from the Nebraska Economic... Read More