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Success Stories

When you meet Jilan Hall-Johnson you instantly recognize that she is driven as well as passionate about food and family. The love of food and cooking started at an early age where she would often be found in the kitchen cooking with her family. This passion led her to culinary school and she also continued her education and received her master’s degree in Social Psychology. As a young adult, she was living in San Diego where she met and married her USMC husband DeMarco. DeMarco’s military career enabled her family to travel across the country from coast to coast, giving them the opportunity to sample and savor the best cuisine in different regions of the country. Although full of various experiences, these many moves could be a challenge for Jilan as she had to leave jobs with every new re-assignment. When DeMarco was re-assigned to Billings, MT, she was having a hard time finding a position that suited her. This is when she decided that it was time to take... Read More