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Success Stories

Stephen (Steve) Cunningham, a U.S.  Air Force veteran began his career in aviation in 1960  as a USAF mechanic, also known as Aircraft Crew Chief. After leaving the Air Force, he worked as a tester of military and airline jet engines. In 1970, Steve attended the University of NH and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Service. After dedicating 22 years managing several Boys and Girls Clubs, his passion evolved from repairing engines to flying them. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot receiving his license in 1990. He then went on to serve as the President and CEO of the United States Aerobatic Foundation, which was the administrative and fundraising arm of the United States Aerobatic Team.

Not yet ready for retirement and realizing a real need for trained pilots, Steve found his niche and a great use for his pilot license. National Flight Simulator (NFS) was founded in 2006 and is  operating at the Manchester airport,  as a state-of-the-art aviation... Read More

A local small business CEO pays it forward by passing on the company’s recent business tax savings to the team that contributes greatly to the company’s success and the causes that they believe in. As a native of the Lakes Region, Ryan Barton wants to live, stay and work in New Hampshire. Ryan started working in the IT industry when he was just twelve years old building websites, and by age sixteen he was successfully doing consulting work. He now serves as the CEO of Mainstay Technologies. Mainstay is a technology-driven company that specializes in providing Information Technology (IT) and Information Security (cyber security) to clients both large and small. Mainstay  supports its team members by matching their employees’ donation dollar for dollar.   Maybe that is why in 2018 and 2019 they were awarded to be among the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ and in 2019 voted for its 3rd ‘Best in Business Award.’ 

When meeting Gayle and Dwight Davis you know right away that they love what they do, and their clients love that they are doing it. Gayle and Dwight both learned firsthand while caring for their respective parents the challenges of caring for someone who is aging. This passion for helping others led them to look at several business opportunities for in-home care companies. They decided in 2014 on the franchise, Senior Helpers located in Stratham, NH. The services range from special care for those with dementia, Parkinsons and other debilitating diseases, to personal and companion care for those looking for a little assistance with daily activities. Senior Helpers offers tailored home services to help those in need to maintain their independence so that they can stay in their homes longer. It is clear that Senior Helpers not only cares deeply for their clients and families but also for their employees.   In March of this year, they were recognized for their efforts by the Great... Read More