Ava Marie Chocolates – One Sweet Valentine in Peterborough, NH

Picture of Susan Mazzone, owner of Ava Marie Chocolates

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”  Charles M. Schulz

Valentine’s Day is upon us! 

Today in the U.S. it is more than a simple day when we remember and celebrate all levels of affection, admiration and passion.   It has become a season that harkens to its roots of February as the month of romance. 

For Susan Mazzone and manager Kelly Kemmet, at Ava Marie Chocolates of Peterborough, the Valentine’s Day season is more than months in the making as preparation moves forward with tens of thousands of handmade chocolates, truffles, clusters and more.  These hand painted artisan chocolates will carry much more meaning than the listing of ingredients as lovers and friends will exchange these sweets.

In 2003 Susan Mazzone was a stay at home mom with two young children (Ava Marie and Landon).  She had been creating and perfecting chocolates by hand at her home.  As her business grew modestly in the home it was clear that having 2 kids and a house full of chocolates was not the best combination.  In 2004 she and her husband Peter took the plunge of moving the chocolate operations out of their home and into a commercial/retail Peterborough location.  They did so with the help of advice from SCORE and a $75,000 SBA loan that provided a line of credit funding their expansion into a true commercial operation.  This gave Susan the opportunity to create a shop with an old time feel, like that of a 1950’s chocolate and ice cream parlor. 

While expanding can be daunting, Susan and Peter kept family and passion at the core of their business.  They named the business for their daughter Ava Marie, and Ava Marie Chocolates of Peterborough NH was born. 

Company Name: 
Ava Marie Chocolates