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A Million Smiles and Growing - Chucksters Family Fun Park

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http://www.chucksters.comMark Blasko likes fun.  He also likes to see others having fun.  So it would only be a natural extension that a dream job would be to set up an environment where he could do both all the day long.   Being a successful business owner of a shirt printing business didn’t quite fulfill that dream, so Mark entered the ranks of the serial entrepreneur.   He decided to build his own fun business, a family fun park, with a unique mini-golf course and batting cages.

With the experience of his first business Mark knew that planning was the key to being successful and would be essential to attract the capital he needed to begin building his dream.  Throughout the planning process Mark was driven to build a top quality mini-golf course that would bear his imprint and design.   He worked with a nationally recognized mini-golf manufacturer to customize his design.  His plans often challenged the traditional standards with the result being a spacious and truly creative layout for the main attraction of mini-golf.                                                                                                        

In 2007, Mark opened his own mini-golf and batting cage facility on a busy stretch of route 4 in Chichester, NH.    Today, operating in their 10th season, Chuckster’s is synonymous with fun throughout the capital region.  If you doubt me, stop by some day or evening and see if you can find anyone who lasts more than a minute without smiling. 

As you enter, the sign at Chuckster’s features a likeable groundhog holding a putter, baseball bat, racing flags and of course an ice cream cone.   You also can’t miss the central presence of the mini-golf course featuring the 201 foot dogleg 13th hole which qualifies as the world’s longest mini-golf hole.  Kids, moms, dads and grandparents know that a fun time is only minutes away 

In the first year, Mark knew he had a hit with Chuckster’s as nearly 40,000 customers visited the new fun park.  He knew that their customers would want more than the mini-golf.   Almost every year since their opening Chuckster’s has offered something new in the spring.  Today the fun park has an array of attractions for all ages and multiple ability levels.  The attractions include a go-cart track, aero-ball, balloon blasts, aerial adventures, a 50 foot TimberClimb as well as more traditional climbing walls, jumpsters and of course mini-golf, batting cages, food and ice cream.   

Financing a seasonal venture presents specific challenges for the business owner and prospective lenders.  Mark was aware of the SBA from his previous business.  He also connected with the Capital Regional Development Council (CRDC) to assist with the financing required to build the facility as well as a major expansion.   Through local banks and the CRDC he used the SBA’s 504 and 7a programs to fund the real estate and working capital needs of the business.  

Even with the limitation of a seven month season in New Hampshire, Mark Blasko had hit on a winning combination:  a well-designed and maintained modern facility with ongoing investment into an array of new attractions, a welcoming staff, and an aggressive marketing program.   Their market today includes individuals, families, corporate outings, church outings as well as schools, and summer recreation groups.   With all the attractions, day passes provide youth with a wide range of recreational options that are healthy, wholesome and above all FUN!

In 2009, realizing the success in Chichester, NH Mark decided to pursue another Chuckster’s facility in the small town of Vestal, NY.    He joined with two longtime friends from college and in 2010 built a similar facility with multiple attractions.  The response was outstanding and Chuckster’s was launching smiles each day in upstate New York as well as New Hampshire. 

In July of 2016 Chuckster’s realized a milestone in their journey to bring FUN and Smiles to their communities as they have now exceeded one million men, women, boys and girls as visitors to their family fun parks. 

Mark Blasko likes fun.  He also likes to see others having fun.  And as a serial entrepreneur Mark has built a business that brings smiles to children, parents and grandparents day after day until of course winter comes and Chuckster hibernates…..  but just until the spring!

(Chuckster’s in New Hampshire is located at  9 Bailey Road in Chichester, NH – information can be found at )

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