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Salmon Falls Stoneware in Dover is Spinning Pots Again with Help from the PPP

Andy Cochran, owner of Salmon Falls Stoneware, started making and selling pottery when he was a
senior in high school. He peddled pottery on Main Street in Durham, NH from a cart made with old
bicycle wheels and then upgraded to a 1935 Ford truck outfitted for displaying his wares. He started
several studios before settling into the Boston & Maine Engine House in Dover, NH. Since then,
Salmon Falls Stoneware has developed into a true production pottery facility complete with potters
who spin the pots, decorators who create the designs, and artisans that manage the production and
sales. It was 37 years when Andy began his relationship with the Small Business Administration (SBA)
and NH Small Business Development Center (SBDC) when he needed help building his business and
purchasing his facility.

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