Success Stories

Vivian Cubilla- Lindblom is a long way from Paraguay, South America where she grew up. Vivian moved to the United States nineteen years ago and then to NH. She realized that  her dream was to become an entrepreneur. Vivian purchased an existing business. Maple Nut Kitchen  started over four years ago, and has grown from just a handful of accounts to over 200 wholesale customers nationwide.

Sometimes opportunity presents itself. TimberNook was never planned and started out as an experiment, of sorts. Angela Hanscom, a mother of three children from Barrington founded it in her own backyard. In 2013, she launched TimberNook, a camp that focuses on engaging senses through outside play.

We are pleased to recognize Micro-Precision in this category as they exemplify the true essence that Jeff Butland had in mind when he initiated this award. 

Micro Precision Technologies (MPT) was founded in 1987 as a contract manufacturer of micro-circuits, thick-film ceramic substrates and hybrid components for environmentally rugged conditions for the military, industrial and commercial applications. The original owners, Dr. Etang and Chris Chen, ran MPT for thirty years on hard work, hope, and determination. As they approached retirement age, they encouraged their daughter, Sabina Chen, to join their team as the Director of Business Development. Sabina held this position from 2012 to 2017, until she purchased the company from her parents with her husband, Blake Clark.