Success Stories

As I walked into the Sub Zero Ice cream and Yogurt store in Nashua it looked like a normal ice cream shop except for a large stainless steel cylinder filled with liquid nitrogen and the realization that there was actually no ice cream on site.  I was politely asked if I wanted something made with cream, yogurt, custard, lactose free or non-dairy; I picked a flavor, fruit and a mix-in or two.   My chosen ingredients were poured into a bowl.  Then science took over and I watched with wonder and awe.  Cold fog and vapors hid the concoction for a couple of minutes, then presto!  My cup of “freshly brewed” ice cream was ready for my palate to enjoy.

Interestingly the creation of Sub Zero in Nashua went through a somewhat similar process with owners Rita and Mark McCabe.  While watching a rerun of a “Shark Tank” episode in June of 2013, Rita and Mark were impressed by a presentation by Jerry and Naomi Hancock, the inventors of the Sub Zero process.  They had a “what if” moment,... Read More

Picture of Activities at Chucksters

http://www.chucksters.comMark Blasko likes fun.  He also likes to see others having fun.  So it would only be a natural extension that a dream job would be to set up an environment where he could do both all the day long.   Being a successful business owner of a shirt printing business didn’t quite fulfill that dream, so Mark entered the ranks of the serial entrepreneur.   He decided to build his own fun business, a family fun park, with a unique mini-golf course and batting cages.

With the experience of his first business Mark knew that planning was the key to being successful and would be essential to attract the capital he needed to begin building his dream.  Throughout the planning process Mark was driven to build a top quality mini-golf course that would bear his imprint and design.   He worked with a nationally recognized mini-golf manufacturer to customize his design.  His plans often challenged the traditional standards with the result being a spacious and truly... Read More

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced that Scott Johnson, President and Founder of Certified Retail Solutions has recently been selected as the 2015 New Hampshire Small Business Person of the Year. 

Scott Johnson, knows well that change is the essence of life.  As a business owner through most of the last forty years he has developed a keen understanding that markets evolve and those who provide products and services to changing markets need to stay one step ahead in developing solutions for the problems that can be anticipated. 

Scott worked in sales, and in 1985, he started acquiring and developing real estate in northern NH, moved to Colebrook and started his own agency, Dixville Notch realty. With the collapse of the real estate market at the end of the 80’s, he moved to the coast of NH where he went to work for Zero One Distributors (a computer distributor) as a salesperson and eventually became director of International marketing and quickly grew a... Read More

Matt and Ash-Sap House Meader

Concord, NH:  The U.S. Small Business Administration announced that they honored Charles “Ash” Fischbein and Matthew Trahan with the 2014 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year award.  Fischbein and Trahan were recognized along with several other outstanding entrepreneurs at the annual New Hampshire SBA Small Business Awards event on May 28.

This award recognizes outstanding members of the next generation of entrepreneurs, those under the age of 35 who demonstrate vision, passion, staying power and success in starting a business.

"Not all meads are created equal!" is the message that greets you at the Sap House Meadery retail store and website.  At New Hampshire's internationally awarded Sap House Meadery, Ash Fischbein and Matt Trahan, set out on a journey to make one of the oldest fermented drinks in the world, mead, with a New Hampshire twist!

Making wine from honey is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Ash Fischbein had developed his own recipe for... Read More