Success Stories

Leonard Moon of US Organic Group Corp

PASSAIC, NJ---Leonard Moon will tell you that a loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration was the remedy for his itch for success.

Moon, who worked for Fortune 100 companies managing hedge and mutual funds left it all behind in 2011 to start US Organic Group Corp. a Passaic-based company that started with an organic anti-itch balm and has since expanded its product line to include organic repellents, organic body oils and organic baby oils.

“I was looking for a challenge,” said Moon.  He found it when his friend told him about an organic anti-itch balm she developed for her son, who had a serious itching problem and eczema.  After trying several over the counter products on the market, her home remedy quickly made her son’s itching much better and eventually cured. 

 After hearing her story, Moon thought there was a business in the making.  “My friend and I formed a partnership,” said Moon.  “She focuses on product development and I take care of the day... Read More

Milton Herrera, owner of Milherton Commercial Flooring of Fairview, NJ

FAIRVIEW, NJ---As far as Milton Herrera is concerned, when it comes to success his flooring company has no ceiling.  Herrera is the owner of Milherton Commercial Flooring a Fairview–based company that specializes in supplying and installing commercial flooring to customers in the New York metropolitan area.

For Herrera, his journey to entrepreneurship started back when he was a young boy growing up in El Salvador.  “I inherited my entrepreneurial spirit from my grandmother,” said Herrera.  “She taught me never to make excuses and that you can basically survive with anything you can imagine, create or fix.  I remember going into the woods and chopping trees and selling the wood.”

When he immigrated into the United States 14 years ago at the age of 23, he brought that same entrepreneurial spirit with him. “I came here not knowing how to speak a word of English, but that didn’t deter me from pursuing my dream of owning a business.”

He started working for a... Read More

Christina Dorando, owner of Cresthill Academy

EAST HANOVER, NJ---Christina Dorando knows something about the ABCs of success.  As the owner of two child care facilities, Ms. Dorando likes to say, “We’re changing the way people look at early education.”

For Ms. Dorando, it has become her passion and a labor of love.  Before embarking on a career as an entrepreneur in early education, she had set her sights on conducting policy work for the UN or a NGO.  “Initially I was interested in a career in Policy & Management and International Relations, which is what I earned my undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon,” said Ms. Dorando. “However, while at Harvard University, where I earned my Masters in International Educational Policy, my focus changed.”

She was working as a consultant for an industry leader in higher education that provided its clients with research, data, consulting, and advisory services.  About the same time, the recession hit hard and Ms. Dorando asked herself, “What do I do now?”

“My... Read More

MILFORD, NJ---Sometimes Hector Perez’s day starts 2:30 a.m. in the morning and doesn’t end until 8:00 p.m. that night; up before dawn and working until dusk. Such is the life of a farmer.

Perez is the owner of Jersey Farm Produce, a Milford-based small business he started in 2009. No stranger to hard work, Perez can be found at the height of harvest loading up three trucks Tuesday thru Sunday with produce from his farmland to be sold at New York City farmer’s markets.  The remainder of the day is spent working the land.

“I came to this country in 2001 from Mexico with a degree in Agriculture and little else,” said Perez.  “I had to learn how to speak English and find work.”   Over the years, he was able to find employment on farms in New York State and New Jersey. He even managed a 300 acre farm in Glen Gardner.

“I always had the desire to start my own my farm,” said Perez.  “And then I learned about a local farmer who wanted to lease his farmland, I thought... Read More