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My Business ... My Money Series


Having gone through some of the busiest shopping days of the year this past November -- comprised of Black Friday (big box retail stores), Small Business Saturday (shopping in support of small and local merchants) and Cyber ​​Monday (e-commerce stores)-- now we focus our attention on the huge opportunity presented to small and medium businesses by the shopping activities during the month of December.

There is no doubt that the end of the year represents one of the best times for merchants to earn more money. Shoppers celebrate the spirit of the holidays in so many different ways and certainly are ready to allocate additional money in purchasing gifts for their loved ones.

For the past few years, I have exchanged ideas with business owners on ways to attract more customers during the holidays.  I am always looking for simple and practical ideas. In other words, ideas that can be carried out intelligently and with minimal resources, but often enough don’t get to be implemented because of time and/or lack of planning. Consequently, many businesses continue to share with me the things they should be doing: "I will increase my advertising" … “My business will do more promotion this month.” However at the end of the season, many fall short in implementing innovative and trendy ideas; ideas that are necessary nowadays to succeed, such as the use of social media.

For that reason, it is time to share a few innovative ideas recently presented to me by my colleague Mike Bindrup. The list below attempts to challenge every business to put into practice activities that are economically feasible and could definitely attract more customers to a business during the month of December.

The guide, named Small Business Success Holiday Guide, was developed by Rhonda Abrams, USA Today columnist and small business author, in collaboration with Visa. The direct link to access and download the guide is http://usa.visa.com/business/grow-your-business/holiday-success-guide/index. html.

On page number 5, you will find an amazing list of 99 ways to attract more customers during the holiday season. From the list, 6 of them caught my attention because for sure they have the potential to generate extra money.
# 39        Family shopping day
# 73        Free gifts for kids
# 52        Discount on Facebook
# 2          Fun YouTube video
# 91        Partner with nearby merchants
# 28        Put a sign on your dog and go for walks

I like ideas such as the ones above because you don’t have to think too much about implementing them. Review the rest of these 99 ideas, pick 2 or 3 additional ones and go for them. They definitely will attract more customers during the shopping month of December.

Wishing every business, a ton of success and happiness during this holiday season!

By Marcel Fernando Schaerer, Imagine 2020 Initiative Director
Nevada SBDC, www.nsbdc.org