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Great Egg-spectations

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"Huge Plates of Comfort Food"

Brad Burdsall has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years. In 1998 he purchased the ‘Egg & I’ in Las Vegas. A federal trademark already existed, so Egg & I became Egg Works – a natural for someone named ‘Burds’all.

But the family restaurant, open for breakfast and lunch, had no recipes, no menus and no operating structure. Brad spent the next eight years, as a hands-on operator/owner/kitchen manager, developing   his own recipes, menus and putting operating procedures in place. As a result, the business sales tripled!

Once he had perfected the business model, Brad was in a great position, along with the support of SBA financing, to begin the expansion of his chain of restaurants. The restaurant’s décor reflected his brand, with an open kitchen, country style décor and rolling farm land murals.

In 2005, Brad was ready to expand and he opened his second location with the help of 7(a) and 504 financing. The restaurant industry took a beating during the recession, and Brad slowed his growth plans, weathered the storm and when the economy improved, was ready to grow. A third restaurant was opened in 2008 with an SBA 504 loan, and then a fourth opened followed by the fifth, and then a sixth with 504 and 7(a) loan assistance.

Expansion also included an SBA 504 funded warehouse that houses the corporate headquarters and commercial kitchen that produces food, seasonings and sauces for the six restaurants.

The combined net worth of all operations has steadily increased and doubled from 2012 to 2014.The number of full time employees increased as well, contributing to employment recovery in Nevada.

Diners are ‘cackling’ over Eggworks. Its family friendly restaurants have become a popular destination for local Nevadans and the many visitors to Las Vegas.