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Throughout the first half of her life as a student and a recent graduate, Ava Mucikyan worked with non-profit organizations such as United Nations, USAID, Catholic Relief Services and Youth For Achievements. She even obtained her second Master's in Intercultural Communications hoping to take assignments abroad and get a diplomatic career. However, as they say, "you can plan all you want, life just happens to you.” So life happened to her and Ava moved to Las Vegas after graduating from American University in D.C.

Not being able to pursue her dream, she ended up in banking, and moved up to VP, only to realize that corporate America and 6-figure salary didn't make her happy. So Ava followed her  passion to help people in natural wellness. After many hours of research and thinking, I realized that Salt therapy is a very growing industry. Considering the allergies and respiratory issues that are on the rise in Las Vegas and in my family, and the serious side-effects of medications, we decided to open the first Halotherapy center in Las Vegas – a natural way to relieve respiratory symptoms, on Thanksgiving Weekend, 2014, after 6 months of construction (which was the greatest challenge).

Ava was referred to the Women’s Business Center and VEDC for financing by a local banker who had worked with SBA lending for many years. The funding was timely and saved her from selling her investment homes during a time when home values were very low.

Ava says, “I am very thankful for the Women’s Business Center help and lending I received. Without your help I would not have been able to accomplish what I have today. We have been featured in nearly 20 newspapers and magazines and were mentioned along with world class spas! You helped create an incredible space that many Las Vegans as well as visitors enjoy daily.

Thank you for keeping our dream alive!

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Salt Room LV
Las Vegas, Nevada