RO Bus Sales: Carrying precious cargo.

In 1999 Joe Machin and Brian Edwards opened a mobile repair shop. They started the company out of their homes with one truck and two employees – themselves. After a year on the road they opened their first repair facility, RO Truck & Equipment. The company rapidly grew to a fleet of seven trucks and 38 employees. SBA guaranteed financing helped to achieve that growth.

The company was focused around truck repair for the construction industry and in the aftermath of September 11 as construction slowed, business declined and revenues dropped. The partners responded by moving to a smaller location, reducing staff and overhead.

Then they refocused their efforts, diversifying the company while staying true to their core business. Brian and Joe found working on a bus is similar to truck repair and as they marketed to this new industry with its fleets of buses and limousines, their client base expanded. In response to repeated requests from their new customer base, they became a full-line bus and limousine dealership and the company continued to grow. In 2008, with an SBA 504 loan, they purchased a building and yard to house further expansion with a new paint and fabrication shop.

When they economy turned again in 2009 and with new vehicle purchase declining , Brian and Joe found that companies were now looking to keep their existing fleets on the road. Operating budgets were intact while capital budgets were nonexistent, so RO refocused on long term maintenance, service and repair. As they realized they were the only company in Nevada specializing in buses, they shifted the business exclusively to buses, adding municipality and government agency fleets.

The company has grown from a two man operation to three distinct divisions with 21 full time employees and 11 million in revenue.