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Success Stories

Success Stories

Jimmy Beans Wool

Worldwide web meets worldwide wool.

Who is Jimmy?

Jimmy is actually Laura. She and her husband Doug started Jimmy Beans in May 2002. The nickname 'Jimmy' came from a song called 'Doublewide Blues'. The song talks about a neighbor Jimmy that's so cool because he's got a blue plastic pool on the deck in front of his house. They started saying 'cool like Jimmy' and it turned into Laura’s nickname! While thinking of a name for their new business, her nickname came up and they added 'Beans' since they originally had a coffee shop inside the yarn shop. The yarn overran the store and the coffee was gone, but the name stuck! 

Jimmy Beans Wool is both a bricks and mortar and an internet superstore, offering knitters worldwide a comprehensive selection of the finest yarns and knitting supplies. 

How it began: Swapping websites for wool... Read More

Specialty Vehicles: Let's get moving!

Trams, trolleys and shuttle buses that people love to ride.

For Nancy, Leah and Rachel Munoz, this is a family affair. Specialty Vehicles is a third generation, family owned business in Henderson, Nevada that has been women-owned for two generations. Nancy began her career working for her father, a manufacturer of trolleys and trams, and after his passing reincorporated his company as her own, starting Specialty Vehicles. Her daughters Leah and Rachel began working for the company as teenagers during school vacations. Today, mother and daughters continue to grow the company and are considered the premier provider of the most diversified line of transportation vehicles in the world. 

The company, which started by offering one trolley to customers, has now grown to a 27 vehicle fleet, including specialty trolleys, trams, mini-trams and buses. SVI also offers sustainable solutions to customers concerned about their carbon footprint, including alternate fuel sources and... Read More