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Happy Coincidence Gives Wojtek’s Gymnastics a Boost

Happy Coincidence Gives Wojtek’s Gymnastics a Boost

SBA loan provides financing for expansion/equipment

BUFFALO, NY – Wojtek Kruszewski is a successful gym owner and instructor thanks to a competitive spirit and gymnastics.  At age 26 he moved to the United States from Poland.  He maintained several jobs and was coaching a boys and girls team for over 15 years when he decided to leave and start up his own business, Wojtek’s Gymnastics.

Located in Lancaster, New York, Wojtek’s Gymnastics has been teaching kids and students how to perform gymnastics and tumbling since 2013.  He also helps cheerleaders and dancers improve and master acrobatic skills.  Wojtek’s coaching skills stem from his membership on the Polish Junior and Senior National Team.  He was also the Polish all-around champion from 1978 to 1979.

Passionate about his clients and the desire to expand, Wojtek contacted the Small Business Development Center at Buffalo State College and found Andrea Lizak, Small Business Advisor.  Wojtek continued to meet with Andrea, working on writing his a business plan.  Wojtek says, Andrea was unbelievable, giving him the resources he needed to sharpen his plan and reach his goal of receiving a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loan.

Sometimes a happy coincidence will give a business a boost.  In Wojtek’s case it was at the bus stop. 

With his business plan in hand and plans to expand from his 1200 square foot space to much larger 7000 square foot space, Wojtek needed financing.  He recalls; “I was at the bus stop when I remembered, one of the children’s mothers, Jennifer Smith worked for Five Star Bank.  We spoke, exchanged paperwork and I was approved for an SBA backed loan in just 3 days.”

“Wojtek is a perfect example of a business that Five Star Bank can help,” said Smith.  “He had a great business plan and met all requirements that allowed us to move quickly through the process.”

“I really don’t feel like a small businessman,” says Wojtek.  “I feel like I’m just doing what I love.” 

Wojtek sets his business apart from others by providing great service.  He knows that happy parents make happy kids and he enjoys watching the kids grow while watching their skills improve as they learn.  This year, Wojtek added day and summer camps and will begin classes in the fall for home-schooled children.

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