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Life Tree Services Uses SBA Loan to Purchase Equipment

Guidance and perseverance help disabled veteran move forward

Before starting Life Tree Services, LLC, Dmitri Tsabai enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving three-years before tragically suffering a brain injury.  Determined to persevere, Tsabai who had been medically discharged, returned to school, obtained his GED, and went on to college receiving both his associates and bachelor’s degrees. 

Started in 2007, Life Tree Services LLC is a Christian and disabled veteran-owned business that provides tree removal and pruning, stump grinding, storm damage repair, risk assessments, cabling and bracing.  The company has 3 full-time employees.

“I read a scripture from the bible; “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when desire comes, it is the tree of life” (proverbs 13:12).  “It was this quote that helped me name my business,” said Tsabai.  For the delay of that which a man eagerly desires and expects is such an affliction, that it differs little from a lingering disease; but when the desire cometh — When the good desired and expected is obtained. It is a tree of life — That is, most sweet, satisfactory, and reviving to the soul.  “My pastor also provided me with  guidance that I especially welcomed; he has helped me to move forward in life and business.”

Moving forward, Tsabai began to focus on expanding his business, recently purchasing land located at 2660 Millersport Hwy. in Getzville, New York.  The new home of Life Tree Services and construction of an 11,000 square foot building, the location will warehouse Tsabai’s equipment and provide opportunity for two additional businesses – equipment rentals and higher-end vehicle storage.

“I am extremely excited to start this new venture,” said Tsabai.  Ultimately, though, Tsabai who had started his own business organically turned to the U.S. Small Business Administration to back a $28,000 loan through Citizens Bank.  “Since I hadn’t taken money before, and proved a track record of growth, I think that established my credibility,” he said.

SBA Participating Lender, Citizens Bank utilized the SBA’s Express Loan Program.  A program for businesses with less established credit that want to improve cash flow, refinance debt, fund improvements, purchase machinery and equipment, expand a franchise or acquire/improve real estate and grow their business. 

Dmitri has a strong sense of community, survival and thrives to make his customers happy.  “The accomplishment of expanding and growing is rewarding,”

For more information on SBA’s program and services, please visit our SBA Buffalo District website.

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Life Tree Services
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