President Biden announced important changes to the PPP, including a two-week window for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

Success Stories

BUFFALO, NY – Jessica Malloy’s path to successful business owner began through her fondness for art and education.  The women-owned business owner was attending a painting entertainment event with friends in the Summer of 2014, when she realized “I Can Do That!”.

The thought remained with her as she raised her children.  At the time, her 6-month old and two-year old boys.  As the children grew and there was more free-time, Malloy began researching the idea of starting her own painting business.

Malloy sought the assistance from the SBA’s Small Business Development Center at Niagara County Community College and received extensive counseling that resulted in the opening of Paint with Personality, a home-based art and entertainment business. 

“I started out promoting my business hosting events and classes at schools, wineries and neighborhood gatherings before eventually opening Imagine that Olcott in 2018,” said Malloy.

Today, Malloy is moving to a new... Read More

Veteran-owned business turns to SBA for PPP assistance, successfully obtains loan

BUFFALO, NY – For Elite Turning & Manufacturing Corporation owner Paul Pettrone, the difference between success and failure was not being afraid to ask for help.

From humble beginnings in 2012, Paul and his son Anthony started the manufacturing company from the ground up in borrowed space. With only one working machine, Paul and his son begin constructing components. Later, after serving the nation as a U.S. Marine, Paul’s other son Joseph joined the company and has assisted helping it grow into the business it is today.

As the business quickly advanced, Paul and his sons realized they had outgrown their space.  Paul was able to secure funds for expansion through reaching out to the U.S. Small  Business Administration where he learned about the SBA’s 504 loan program; this... Read More


 SBA-Backed Paycheck Protection Program Loan Keeps Doors Open; Retains Staff


BUFFALO, NY – Mary Lee Fornes’ story of going from U.S. Army First Lieutenant to founding the Boston Valley Animal Hospital started in late 2008. 

Fornes, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves, enlisted as a PFC in 1989.  Fornes did military training in the Summers while attending veterinary school.  After graduating from Cornell Veterinary School in 1993, she then commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Army Vet Corps.  Fornes served in Bosnia and Iraq while part of the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion.  After returning home, Fornes decided to open her own practice.

“I wanted the benefits of being my own boss,” says Fornes.  “I returned home where my Army friend, Terry McGuire led me to the United States Small Business Administration’s (SBA) resource partner the Small Business... Read More

SBA Resource Partner SCORE Provides Essential Advice


BUFFALO, NY – Housed in the once-abandoned Wurlitzer Elementary School, Niagara Climbing Center has brought new heights to Western New York climbers, firefighters, boy scouts, students and employers since purchasing the business in 1998.

“At Niagara Climbing Center, we’ve worked to build a network of climbing classes that help our members and guests reach their climbing goals,” said Rhonda McGuire, owner and director of business. “Climbing offers an exciting and challenging workout and physically, it emphasizes strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s a place that inspires people to keep pushing themselves.”

While much of the indoor climbing’s success can be attributed to the accessibility of the sport, McGuire said the trend has also grown by attracting climbers who aren’t interested in the... Read More