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Success Stories

Service-Disabled Veteran Uses SBA Resources to Help Launch His Business


For OPSandENG, president Mark Preston, success comes with seeking challenges, creating opportunities and taking risks.

In 2008, Mark was faced with the decision of continuing as a full-time commission based employee or going out on his own and starting his own company.  “It just made sense.  After 25 years working in the industry and having the experience, I was ready to launch my own business,” said Preston.

“America’s veterans have the leadership skills and experience to become successful entrepreneurs,” said SBA Buffalo District Director Franklin Sciortino.

For Mark, these skills came in handy when he decided to launch is new venture; OPSandENG, a Rochester, NY based company that provides services to include interim and part-time executive leadership, project management, and engineering support and facility services.  A company that specializes... Read More

Kamal Jowdy, Delft Printing

While Attending SBA’s Business Matchmaker, Kamal Jowdy met his match

BUFFALO, NY –For Kamal Jowdy, the dream of starting his own business began at the early age of 14.  He realized from the start that what he wanted most out of life was to come to America to transform his dream into a reality.

Like all successful entrepreneurs, he was willing to put in the time to learn his craft.  He attended printing schools in France, to hone his technical skills in printing.

After finishing his education in France, Jowdy moved to the United States, worked in the printing industry and eventually acquired Delft Printing in 1998.  The Lancaster-based company is a convenient local printing resource, delivering full service high-quality printing services.  From letterhead to envelopes, full color brochures and newsletters. Delft Printing offers design, offset and digital printing with variable data, thermography, foil stamping, embossing and full... Read More

Iron Road IPA, Big Fish Bitters among Veterans Thirst for Growth

BUFFALO, NY – The story of Bill Campbell and his company New Buffalo Brewing begins while Bill was serving in the U.S. Air Force from 2008 to 2012.

“There’s not much to do with your money when you’re deployed in Afghanistan,” said Campbell.   “I considered my options and looked into starting a business with the monies I could save.”

Like many serviceman, Campbell was excited to come home and start a life with his girlfriend now wife of 2 years.  In 2010, while on leave, a friend invited Campbell to stop by his home join in a brew session.  Campbell was so intrigued; he asked for a tour of the home-based brewing business and pondered it as a possible business option for himself. “The viability of the business seemed to be something I could pursue upon my discharge from the service,” said Campbell.”

His vision proved to be correct! Campbell decided on a name and... Read More

One-Million Dollar SBA Loan Key for Avani Technology Solutions Inc.

BUFFALO, NY – For Sameer Kumar Penakalapati, president and CEO of Avani Technology Solutions Inc., the transformation between big and small was turning to the U.S. Small Business Administration and SBA participating lender Chase Bank.

The certified minority-owned business enterprise and Rochester based Avani is a custom software development, software product development, testing, training, and project management training services company.  Avani specializes in custom software solutions development in mobility, enterprise solutions (SAP, Oracle, SharePoint, Java, Mainframe, .NET and third party enterprise tools) and web applications security testing areas.

Sameer took advantage of the SBA’s lending product, sought out assistance and received his one-million dollar loan through Chase Bank.  “The loan has helped us to hire technical talent to develop services and products in mobility and... Read More