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Success Stories

Maintaining a business in these recessionary times is difficult enough. But to grow a business now, and to do so in what is arguably the most ethnically diverse county in the country with its ongoing influx of immigrants speaking 150 different languages, must require some sort of exceptional service. And that’s the secret to success for the Rosedale Gifted Academy Elementary & Preschool.

Coming from Jamaica herself at age 33 to explore new opportunities, Rosedale Owner, Pauline Brown, first tried a career in geriatric nursing. It took only a year for Brown to decide that the profession, with its overnight hours, would not accommodate the lifestyle she desired.

One day a friend asked her to baby sit her two-month old. Subsequently, another friend asked her to sit a three-month old, and another, a five month old. Brown soon realized she had found her calling and opened a daycare business— first in her home and then growing to a rented facility. She... Read More

Despite the impact of the sluggish economy on their wallets, New Yorkers are not settling for dull skin, less-than-fresh body odors, and foul smelling apartments. At least that's the conclusion one could draw by watching the brisk business being done at Brooklyn's miomia apothecary.

Located in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, miomia defines itself as New York's first truly unisex apothecary. Offering high-quality, independently produced and cruelty-free products together with personalized customer care, and with a reputation for launching "under the radar" and much sought-after beauty and grooming products from around the world, miomia was recently named by New York Magazine as one of the top five beauty stores in the city.

miomia owner, Katie Chang, began her entrepreneurial quest four years ago when she took note of the increasing number of "exfoliated metrosexuals," and was also tiring of a corporate consulting gig. She already had a life... Read More

What did John F. Kennedy, Jr., Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ed Koch, Richard Daley and Jerry Brown have in common other than politics? The answer is, at one time or another, all failed the Bar Exam. But there’s a New York small business owner who wants to help future exam-takers avoid that same fate.

Trained as a lawyer at Harvard University and as a linguist at the University of Illinois, Dr. Mary Campbell Gallagher has put her training to work to devise what she touts as unique preparation processes for the bar exam.

Founding BarWrite® and BarWrite Press 20 years ago, Gallagher and her staff offer large-group courses and coaching to prepare students for bar examination essays— the Multistate Performance Test and Multistate Bar Exam parts of the exam. She also makes her system for the essays available in her Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays book and CDs.

Slowing growing her company and its reputation, Gallagher added bar-preparation materials to the... Read More

Long Islander Wins New York State: Now in Competition for National Small Business Person of the Year

At a Manhattan ceremony in celebration of presidentially declared National Small Business Week 2009the New York District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration today presented Teresa M. Ward, owner of Teresa&rsquo's Family Cleaning, Inc., with the award for New York State’s top small business. Ward also won for Small Business Person of the Year in the SBA’s Region II, which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Ward founded her residential cleaning company, Teresa’s Family Cleaning, Inc., in 1992, providing the traditional cleaning services one expects for this type of business. Along the way she added non-traditional services such as organizing and management services for senior-living facilities throughout Long Island.

That ability to adapt and grow enabled Family Cleaning to weather the current economic downturn. And rather than submit to the crisis, Ward ensures that her core group of customers is always... Read More