Success Stories

Did you know lightning strikes occur in the United States 25 million times each year? If you happen to see a lightning storm, you’re actually watching free advertising for the Auburn-based Crowley Lightning Protection. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), lightning is one of the most underrated severe weather threats, often striking from three to 10 miles away from the center of a thunderstorm.

“Lightning can disrupt a building in several ways. It can hit a building directly, it can hit the power line and cause a surge in the building, and static electricity that builds before the storm can cause side flashing,” explains Dale Crowley.

While lightning strikes can’t be prevented, you can take preventive measures to reduce the risk of physical injury and damages. Twenty five years ago, brothers Dale, Dennis, and Randall Crowley seized an opportunity to launch their own business after working for their father’s lightning... Read More

Damon and Sonja Draught at their Dairy Queen Treat Store in Watertown, NY.

Army Veterans “Living the Dream” with SBA Help

There’s hot fudge, strawberries, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, cherries and whipped cream, but the only topping that suits Sonja and Damon Draught these days is success.  Three years ago the couple became Dairy Queen franchisees in Watertown, NY.

The U.S. Army took the Ohio natives all over the world, including Germany for 12 years, before bringing them to Fort Drum in Northern New York. After retiring as a Master Sergeant in 2012, Damon spent a year taking care of their three boys while Sonja continued working as a U.S. Army civilian employee on post. The time and freedom of retirement allowed the couple to dream of what their next chapter could be….

"It always stayed in the back of our minds to open a Dairy Queen since we grew up with the franchise in Ohio and there weren't any around Fort Drum. We were interested in opening a quick-service restaurant, but not until after Damon retired,” says Sonja.... Read More

America 2.0, built by Scarano Boat Building with help from SBA 504 program and ESCDC

When 10-year-old John Scarano added a mast to a World War II-era bomber fuel tank and set sail on Kinderhook Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, it was the launch of a lifetime career in the boating world. For the past 40 years, John has built a business transforming his ideas from paper to port-side. John’s brother Rick joined the startup company in 1984 and together they have steered Scarano Boat Building on a course for success.

“We first took a boat to the Newport Boat Show in 1984 and realized we couldn’t compete with the larger sailboat companies that were in the market. So we changed to the passenger vessel boat market, which was easier to get exposure in, and built the 65-foot Dutch Apple II in 1986,” says Rick.

After five years, the brothers moved Scarano Boat Building into its permanent home, an 88,000-square-foot warehouse in the Port of Albany, NY. The former chemical plant features soaring ceilings, huge garage doors, and most importantly, access to the... Read More

For Albany-native Sheri Townsend, autism was never an integral part of her life.  However, that all changed when the nation’s fastest growing developmental disability hit home.  After Sheri and husband Scott welcomed their twins Alex and Mackenzie in 2002; they learned at 18-months Alex was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 

The Townsends quickly recognized that autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that begins typically in early childhood and affects communication skills, social development, and behavior.  They also learned from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 1 in 68 American children are on the autism spectrum. For the next year, the Townsend family was busy juggling Alex’s early-intervention services from the county and Sheri’s full-time role as the commissioner of Youth and Work Services for the city of Albany. 

When Alex was ready for a more structured preschool program, Sheri and her husband looked for one with the... Read More