Success Stories

MAK Associates Owner and President, Jason Bruder (left) works with one of his installers.

Jason Bruder had for many years been a highly successful sales representative in the lighting systems and window-covering industries.  But by asking one question, Mr. Bruder found himself at a turning point in his life – he had the chance to become a small business owner. During an appointment in 2013 with two owners of a respected company in the business, he casually asked, “So when are you guys going to retire?”  When he received the reply, “Sooner than you think,” Mr. Bruder saw his opportunity.  In short order he began to research, trying as fast as he could to learn everything about small business ownership.  But exactly where to start and how to acquire the company?  Ultimately, with the assistance of a Small Business Development Center and an SBA 7(a) loan through Huntington Bank, his concerns were addressed and his vision is now a reality.


The company Mr. Bruder wanted to purchase, MAK Associates of Ohio, Inc., sold and installed manual and motorized roller... Read More

Eye Candy Optical, LLC owners Steve Nelson (left) and Anton Syzdykov (right)

It all started with a conversation over dinner between two friends, Anton Syzdykov and Steve Nelson.  Their exchange centered around how difficult it was for them to find high-end eyewear on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio.  And as executives in international business, they could easily see an opportunity existed to fill this need for other discerning consumers in the area.  With careful planning over time and with the help of the SBA, the two men expanded that idea into a reality, and in late 2013 Eye Candy Optical, LLC., an extraordinary optical boutique, was born.

Eye Candy Optical caters to a demanding, stylish clientele that is willing to pay for the finest in eyewear.  The boutique’s inventory is akin in value and beauty to fine jewelry, and Mr. Syzdykov and Mr. Nelson have traveled the world to find the best in optical designs.  In addition, the company prides itself on first-class – yet approachable – service.  Eye Candy’s opticians, who are rigorously trained well... Read More

SBA and a Biochemist Develop a Formula for Success

Praful Patel, Ph.D, President and CEO of National Biochemicals Corp. is a true American success story.  With hard work, intelligence, and skill – as well as SBA loan programs -- he has built a thriving business. Originally from India, Dr. Patel immigrated to the United States in 1987.  At first he worked for other people, consulting for biochemical and diagnostic companies, but in 1992 he made the decision to create a business of his own.  His start was very modest – he opened National Biochemicals in his garage.  “My first order was for 25 kilograms of product,” Dr. Patel recalls, “I didn’t even have a scale to weigh it on.”  Today, National Biochemicals manufactures and supplies raw materials to the life science industry. Its clients include biopharmaceutical companies, wholesale distributors, and other providers of high purity biochemical based products.  The company’s customers also include teaching institutions, and it is even involved in catching criminals through DNA... Read More

Peoples Services Inc., a third party provider of transportation, warehouse management, packaging and distribution services, is celebrating its 100th year, tracing its roots to 1914 when it operated in Massillon, Ohio as a storage and furniture moving company. The company now has a presence in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Michigan, and this family-owned company is thriving.

"There are three generations of hard work that have gone into making what Peoples Services is today, and our success is based on some of the core values that were established when my grandfather started Sibila Trucking,” Doug Sibila, the company's president and chief executive officer, states.


Growth and Stability through the Recession and Beyond with the SBA’s Help


In 2010 Peoples undertook a strategy which ultimately assisted it in growing through the recession into a position stronger than ever before. The SBA provided financing to... Read More