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Cleveland District Office Success Stories

Cleveland District Office Success Stories

Charlie Staples adds a “full cup of love in every batch” of his secret, original barbeque sauce, making it truly something special.  Charlie has owned and operated the Charlie Staples Bar-B-Q Restaurant in downtown Youngstown, Ohio since 1974.  With the help of two SBA guaranteed loans through Huntington Bank in Youngstown (formally Sky Bank) and the local Youngstown Initiative program, the business was able to first upgrade and then move across the street to a new 15,000 square foot building near Youngstown State University.

The barbeque restaurant has a New Orleans style Southern theme that features barbeque ribs, chicken, and shrimp on its menu.  25% of the restaurant customers are dine-in, with the remaining being carry-out.  The dine-in crowd is growing.  Charcoal and cherry wood are used in the grill to further provide a unique, original taste.  “My special signature barbeque sauce recipe is actually 70 years old,” stated Charlie.  “I purchased it 35 years ago, and the barbeque sauce has won many awards over the years.”

Mr. Staples attributes much of the restaurant’s success to not only the great taste of the food, but to the excellent service that it provides.  Charlie believes that customers coming into his restaurant are like guests coming into his home, so he tries to impress them.    It is not uncommon to see both Charlie himself or his wife, Margie, talking with customers, taking the orders, and serving the food at the restaurant.

As Charlie says, “I love people, and I love the business.”  He wants the food and dining at the restaurant to be an enjoyable, memorable, and cultural experience.

With the “cup of love” in the barbeque sauce, there is love all around, making Charlie and the business a success!