Creating More Jobs for Ohio Residence One Step at A Time

Creating More Jobs for Ohio Residence One Step at A Time

Rite Track, Inc. is an Ohio S-Corporation with more than 130 worldwide employees (60 at the headquarters location). The company is a leading supplier of automated wafer processing equipment for the semiconductor, thin film head, and MEMS industries. The company provides custom designed new and remanufactured Rite Track 8X and 9X Series track equipment used in photolithography and cleaning processes. The company specializes in processing fragile (e.g. GaAs) substrates.

In July 2003, Rite Track acquired ASML, a Silicon Valley track manufacturer. The company successfully transferred the technology from California to Ohio. Rite Track improved not only the service and quality, but also shortened the lead time of the finished products. They controlled labor costs and raw material costs to give them a competitive advantage. The result was a significant expansion of their market (now the number one in the U.S. and number three worldwide). Early in 2004, Rite Track was approached by their leading worldwide competitor to manufacture that companies older product lines for worldwide distribution. This required a significant expansion of facilities, equipment, and at least 60 more employees at the Ohio facility. It also required expansion of its worldwide sales force to meet the distribution requirements of the expanded product line.

The Manufacturing SBDC at TechSolve provides ongoing counseling and acts as the liaison for the coordination of SBA financing for the facility and equipment. They also provide direct assistance through the Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center in the area of worldwide business development, and the State of Ohio jobs training and business incentive programs.

Plans are in place, ahead of milestone dates, to support the rapid growth required to significantly expand existing facilities and equipment. This has allowed Rite Track to work with all the agencies to take advantage of this unique opportunity and capture significant worldwide market share. According to its president, Tim Hayden, it has allowed Rite Track to create Ohio jobs that would have otherwise been lost.

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