Entrepreneurial Spirit & Mentoring Feeds Gluten-Free Catering Company

When Rebecca Denney started her Cincinnati-based catering company, Paleolicious Cincy in 2014, she wanted to make a big change. Stressed and overworked from her human resource job, she decided to take the leap into small business ownership, focusing on creating a healthy lifestyle not only for herself, but for the city of Cincinnati. With help from an SBA partner, SCORE, and its counselor Jim Stahly and Cincinnati small business accelerator MORTAR, Denney was able to grow her business from catering to a brick and mortar shop in Cincinnati’s Scripps Center.

“Our focus is to provide healthy food in a delicious way,” Denney said. “MORTAR was a huge stepping stone to getting my business off the ground and I met with SCORE’s Jim Stahly weekly to utilize his knowledge and experience to stand out from my competition.”

One of the ways that Paleolicious Cincy stands out is through its emphasis on being gluten free. When initially opening her brick and mortar location, Denney was pressured to offer breads, wraps and other items for those who did not have to worry about being gluten free. But she ultimately chose to maintain a completely gluten-free environment.

“We understand the struggles of our customers, especially those who suffer from celiac disease who often regard their diet restrictions as a difficult burden,” Denney said. “By being gluten free, we are offering a convenient and healthy option to our customers, whether they have diet restrictions or are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.”

Denney continues to meet with SCORE’s Jim Stahly to decide what direction to take her small business. She is considering offering dinner pick-ups and meal plans to increase the convenience of healthy eating for her customers.

“Jim and I are a great team. I have all of these ideas and then Jim will come in and work with me to achieve realistic goals,” she said. “SCORE is a great free resource and I think that all entrepreneurs should take advantage of it.”

Company Name: 
Paleolicious Cincy