Vertical Horizons One, Inc.

Daily Reporter 03/10/06.

After serving nearly 20 years in the military, David Tibbs established Vertical Horizons One, Inc. in 2001 to perform studies and analyses for government and other nonprofit organizations.

Tibbs, chairman and chief executive officer of the company, said he did so simply because he believed it was his duty.

'My father, a former Tuskeegee Airman, instilled in me that service to one's country and to your fellow man was what life was all about,' Tibbs said, adding that he saw a need to improve public-sector management.

VHO provides research and development services such as Web-based security, laser hardened materials, heavy engineering, and health sciences.

Tibbs said he has received tremendous support from the SBA.

'VHO is part of the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program, and SBA has been very supportive in providing timely information and guidance. SBA helped steer us on the right path toward progress and achievement of our goals.'

While the constant speed of change in the technology industry and security clearances affect his business greatly, he knows that success is found through preparation and patience.

'My father once told me: 'One of the most difficult things to learn in this life is patience.' I believe in setting up a program and doing those things that need to be done each day. If something occurs that you consider a delay, try to learn from it and get back on your schedule,' Tibbs said.

As a business owner, he likes being able to set his own hours, but dislikes 'the amount of administrative effort involved with obtaining the government security clearances.'

All in all, though, business - and life - are good.

'I am excited to get up every morning and my life has greatly improved. I have the opportunity to choose the hours that I work - however, I have increased stress which isn't helped by the fact that it is more difficult to get to the gym.'

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