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Veteran Small Business Owner Believes SBA Resources a “Sure Fire” Way For Entrepreneurs to Succeed


Robert Luft has always had a drive to forge his own path to success. After serving in the U.S. Army as a combat engineer for more than 16 years, he decided to pursue entrepreneurship. Equipped with valuable skills and experience from his years in the military, he identified an opportunity in IT installation and formed Cincinnati-based small business SureFire Innovations in January 2016.

The business began to expand rapidly, taking on projects at the state, federal and commercial level. Met with a growing customer demand, Robert began researching ways to scale his business effectively.

SBA Resources

With the help of an SBA-backed loan, Robert was able to stabilize his business and focus on expansion.

“Before I was able to access the capital that I needed to grow through SBA, I was bootstrapping my business,” he said. “Even during that time, I focused on my personal credit because I knew by demonstrating personal creditworthiness, I would increase my chances of securing a loan.”

Robert also met with SCORE counselor Dan Nagel, who helped Robert evaluate his cash flow through a comprehensive analysis that prepared him further for the opportunity to grow his business.


By utilizing SBA’ s capital and counseling resources, Robert was able to grow his company from six employees to 15.

“I’ve really focused on a strategic plan to grow my business and compliment the overarching mission of the company without getting too far away from my specialty,” he said.

Robert believes that veteran entrepreneur resources like the Boots to Business program are key in setting transitioning service members and military spouses up for success in the next chapter of their working careers.

He has participated in a Boots to Business class as a guest speaker, sharing his struggles and successes as a veteran small business owner with service members and military spouses. “I think that this educational concept is indispensable because it aligns military members for transition and gives them an opportunity to start planning before they enter civilian life.”

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