Success Stories

Music Love Created an Entrepreneur

With the help of a SBA loan, Bill Foley purchased a community landmark: the German Village Music Haus.

The business has been in existence for more than half a century, and Bill worked there as a luthiere (a person who works on stringed instruments) for 26 years before purchasing the German Village Music Haus.

The company has an international reputation for luthiery and amplifier repair, and carries high-end instruments for the discriminating player, as well as quality affordable instruments for the beginning player. Personalized instruction is also available to the store's customers.

Currently, the business has three part-time employees and six teachers.

"Your business is only as good as the people working there. Get the very best people," Foley advises other business professionals. He adds that there are three words that lead to success: "Work, work, and work."

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After studying and working in many other hotel chains, Neil Pandya started the planning process to build his hotel in early 1999. He signed a contract with Microtel in early 2000, and was opened and ready for business on March 1, 2001. The hotel contains 11 suites, 30 doubles, and 23 single units.

Before receiving SBA financing, Pandya who was in his mid-20s, was turned down by many banks due to his age. He persevered, believing that if he were self-employed he would not have to work as hard as he had in the past. That did not turn out to be the case in the early days, though.

It has been only recently that he has been able to step back, he said. Even today he does much of the work, including bathroom cleaning. He has no employees, but contracts out for work he does not do himself, Pandya said.
He said the business has not adversely affected his personal life because he has a great wife who has been very supportive. He attributes his success to hard... Read More

Small Business Owner Offers Advice for Aspiring Business Owners

Quantum Health, LLC. was founded in 1999 by Kara Trott to help self-insured employers reduce health-care costs. Over the past five years, Quantum Health has held participating employers annual cost increases to just 5 percent to 6 percent, approximately one-third of the national average. Quantum has grown over the past few years and currently employs 40 people.

When asked how the business had affected her life, Trott responded "What life?" She said she has devoted long hours to making the business successful, but as a result of an SBA loan she has been able to hire some key people and this allows her to live a slightly more normal life.

When asked what made her business successful she said "optimism and perseverance mixed with a dose of realism."

Her advice to those thinking about going into business: "Make sure you are passionate about what you want to do."

Owner of Oak Tree Communications, LLC Named 2nd Runner-up for Cincinnati SCORE Chapter Client of the Year

Oak Tree Communications, LLC is a West Chester, Ohio publicity and public relations company.

Owned by Melinda Zemper, the firm specializes in writing and editing, media relations, strategic planning, event and campaign planning and project management.

Melinda describes her SCORE counselor, Bob Wiwi, as “the best possible mentor and guide” as she started her own business. With Bob’s help and guidance, she created a business plan, incorporated Oak Tree, developed short and long term goals and a task list.

Regular meetings with Wiwi allowed them to monitor her progress on developing the company. He provided guidance and encouragement throughout the process.

In less than a year, Oak Tree has a solid base of clients. “With the organizational foundation Bob helped me create, I can concentrate on clients, not the business process. We still meet regularly to connect and he always has valuable observations or advice to offer.” Zemper says.... Read More