Success Stories

Once Again SBA Helps Dreams Come True!

With help from The Small Business Administration, my wife and I were able to achieve both of our dreams. My wife, Dr. Paige Phillips, had been working as an associate veterinarian for three years and as a relief veterinarian for two years. Her love for animals made it such that she had a difficult time working for owners of practices who, in an effort to save time or money, did not practice the best medicine possible at all times. It was very important for Paige to reach her goal of always practicing the best medicine and continually improving the lives of companion animals. The only true way to make this happen was to own her own veterinary clinic, and manage it accordingly.

From a business perspective, I had always wanted to own and operate my own company. With a background in finance, I was able to put together a comprehensive business proposal to purchase an existing veterinary clinic in West Milton, Ohio, and, with the help of the SBA, to secure the appropriate... Read More

Daily Reporter 3/10/06

As a young child in a family of 25 brothers and sisters, Sallie Sylvester had the ambition to excel and develop her life to the fullest, she says. She turned that drive intoa career in 1977 when she started her first business, and now is enjoying success with Sallie's Wholesale & Construction Inc.

The company is a small wholesale construction material supplier and contractor, performing general and subcontracting services in the building and highway industry. It provides equipment, maintenance services and construction materials to general and sub-contractors. The company also assembles and installs equipment, and offers a labor pool of general and skilled employees. Its highest annual sales figure was $2.5 million, according to Sylvester.

She said her company has been helped by several of the SBA's training programs, including its 'Basic Executive 7j Training' and 'Advanced Executive 7j Training,' and she encouragesall small... Read More

Quilt Beginnings Inc.
The Daily Reporter 3/10/06.

Eight years ago in August, Cathy Daum was quilting as a hobby and buying supplies at Columbus' three quilting specialty stores when she suddenly found that her choices of stores had dwindled to one.

One of the stores converted to a gift store, the second one closed because the owner decided to retire and Daum said she found the third and only remaining store 'too unpleasant to deal with.'

Within 24 hours of recognizing the problem and the possibilities, Daum decided to open her own quilting store and she began business the following April. The U.S. Small Business Administration's 504 loan program helped Daum purchase her first store on Broad Street, and expand the size of the building from 2,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet.

Being a systems engineer by profession, owning a store was quite a change for the aspiring entrepreneur. However, from day one, the store made a profit, said Daum.

Business was so... Read More

Creating More Jobs for Ohio Residence One Step at A Time

Rite Track, Inc. is an Ohio S-Corporation with more than 130 worldwide employees (60 at the headquarters location). The company is a leading supplier of automated wafer processing equipment for the semiconductor, thin film head, and MEMS industries. The company provides custom designed new and remanufactured Rite Track 8X and 9X Series track equipment used in photolithography and cleaning processes. The company specializes in processing fragile (e.g. GaAs) substrates.

In July 2003, Rite Track acquired ASML, a Silicon Valley track manufacturer. The company successfully transferred the technology from California to Ohio. Rite Track improved not only the service and quality, but also shortened the lead time of the finished products. They controlled labor costs and raw material costs to give them a competitive advantage. The result was a significant expansion of their market (now the number one in the U.S. and number three worldwide). Early in 2004, Rite Track was... Read More