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Portland District Office Specializations

Staff Contact List for specific SBA Programs and Topics. For individual contact information, visit our Office Directory.

*Special HQ initiative to share ACA information with small business owners


Portland District Office Team Specializations 2015

SBA Program or Topic

Point of Contact

8(a) Program for Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Small Business Contractors

Yuri Dyson


Scott Bossom and Yuri Dyson

Disaster Assistance in instances where a state of emergency has been declared

Larry Trujillo

Emerging Leaders Program

Yuri Dyson

Faith Based Partnerships

Antonio Salado

Contracting (Federal Government)

Yuri Dyson

HUBZone Program (Historically Underutilized Business Zone)

Yuri Dyson

Exporting/International Trade Finance

Larry Trujillo, and Jim Newton

Lender Relations

Scott Bossom and Larry Trujillo

Microlender Relations

Scott Bossom

Native American Affairs

Yuri Dyson

Public Affairs/Media Relations/Web Content

Vacant, General SBA Helpdesk

Resource Partner (liaison) SCORE, SBDC, Women’s Business Center

Vacant, General SBA Helpdesk

Small Business Week

Melissa Davis and Warren Givens

Special Agency Initiatives

Larry Trujillo

Success Stories

Vacant, General SBA Helpdesk

Veterans Business Development

Warren Givens

Women-Owned Small Business Certification Program

Yuri Dyson

*Affordable Care Act Larry Trujillo

*Special HQ initiative to share ACA information with small business owners

For Staff Contact information, visit our Office Directory at: www.sba.gov/OR

When referring a client to SBA staff, resource partners may seek to consider the following:


  • Have I provided assistance to the business or entrepreneur to the best of my organization’s ability?


  • Is this business or entrepreneur equipped with a well-thought out business idea?


  • Are there aspects of this business idea that I can help formulate into a more developed business plan/strategy?


  • Can I provide information to help the business achieve the appropriate registration/licenses? (Should that happen before/after/during communications with SBA staff?)


  •  What is a good next step for this company? Who could best provide assistance with this?


Jennifer Baker, Economic Development Specialist
Phone: (503) 326-5122 Email: jennifer.baker@sba.gov

Scott Bossom, Lender Relations Specialist
Phone: (503) 326-5204 Email: scott.bossom@sba.gov

Melissa Davis, District Support Assistant
Phone: (503) 326-2657 Email: melissa.davis@sba.gov

Yuri Dyson, Business Opportunity Specialist
Phone: (503) 326-6692 Email: Yuri.Dyson@sba.gov

Jim Klitzke-Kidd, Business Opportunity Specialist
Phone: (503) 326-5222 Email: James.Klitzke-Kidd@sba.gov

Kellie Randall, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (503) 326-5200 Email: Kellie.Randall@sba.gov

Tony Salado, Program Support Assistant
Phone: (503) 326-7251 Email: Antonio.Salado@sba.gov

Larry Trujillo, Lead Lender Relations Specialist
Phone: (503) 326-5205 Email: larry.trujillo@sba.gov