Bella Azie, Inc. Firm President Dr. Win Somboonsong Finds Success with SBA 504 program

U.S. Small Business Administration Eastern Pennsylvania Deputy Director Michael Kane with Bella Azie, Inc. President Dr. Win Somboonsong and his wife Sutilda with nominator Sherwood Robbins, Managing Director, Seedcopa.

U.S. Small Business Administration Eastern Pennsylvania Deputy Director Michael Kane with Bella Azie, Inc. President Dr. Win Somboonsong and his wife Sutilda with nominator Sherwood Robbins, Managing Director, Seedcopa.


Leaving the U.S. Navy as a Lieutenant (O-3), Win Somboonsong entered private business as a structural engineer specializing in design/renovation of large suspension bridges, including the renovation of Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Bridge. He left engineering and entered the restaurant business in order to better support his family. Working closely with his spouse, Sutilda Somboonsong, he opened Teikoku restaurant in Newtown Square, Pa. with the aid of an SBA 504 loan issued through Seedcopa as the Certified Development Company in 2003. His concept was to provide a sushi-centric Asian fusion restaurant to the suburban community.

The Asian fusion concept was new to the suburbs at the time of Teikoku's opening. Somboonsong continues to provide upscale, Asian-inspired food in a high-end setting at reasonable prices. The menu is adjusted seasonally to highlight available, fresh ingredients and the quality and variety of the sushi selection is one of the best in the region. His collective restaurants have a long history of strong financial performance and cash flow, even during times of economic difficulty. The success of Somboonsong’s initial signature restaurant, Teikoku, has fueled the creation of four total restaurants in Delaware and Chester Counties under the Win Signature Restaurant moniker now employing 180 individuals. The latter of the three restaurants was also financed by an SBA 504 Loan through Seedcopa in 2012.

“It’s wonderful to have the privilege to recognize the achievements of leading veteran-owned Pennsylvania small businesses,” said Antonio (Tony) Leta, U.S. SBA Eastern Pennsylvania Director. “Small businesses owners like Dr. Somboonsong are where the rubber meets the road. SBA and our resource and lending partners are proud to see these American entrepreneurs succeeding and helping drive our nation’s economy.”

Somboonsong was born in Philadelphia, Pa. Soon after, he moved with his family to Thailand where he lived until the age of 15 when he returned to attend Valley Forge Military Academy. After graduating high school, he attended Texas Tech University for his undergraduate degree. Seeking to continue his education, he entered the United States Navy ROTC program to complete his Master's degree. He attended Colorado State University and upon graduation, attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI and was commissioned as an Ensign in 1989. Somboonsong completed his education by earning a Ph.D. in structural engineering at Drexel University while assigned to the Philadelphia Navy Yard and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove.

Somboonsong has demonstrated strong staying power in an industry that is perhaps the most difficult retail industry in the region. A majority of restaurants will typically fail into two to three years; however, his first Win Signature restaurant (named Teikoku) opened in 2003 and remains financially strong and viable. He also adjusts his menu offerings and related pricing as necessary to ensure the business' survival and reserves as much cash as possible in the businesses to maintain a solid operating base during difficult economic times. Further expansion is planned for a new restaurant to be named Azie Southeast and significant renovations to the original Teikoku restaurant to include a permanent greenhouse and expanded garden dining. Both projects will further increase employment opportunities for the region.

“I wholeheartedly credit the successful management – and the success of my businesses – to my Naval training and service. The U.S Navy taught me the importance of making well-informed, decisive decisions and the importance of planning for problems that could arise,” Somboonsong said. “I also give credit to the SBA 504 loan program as an important factor in the success and expansion of the businesses. I was able to make use of the program’s long term fixed rate financing and preserve capital to support the working capital needed for stabilization and growth.”

“Seedcopa is proud to nominate Dr. Win Somboonsong for consideration as the U.S. Small Business Administration, Eastern District of Pennsylvania Veteran-Owned Small Business Person of the Year for 2017,” said Sherwood Robbins, Seedcopa Managing Director. “Dr. Somboonsong has taken advantage of the capital preservation aspect of the 504 Loan program to create financial reserves that enable him to better support his businesses and create jobs in our community.”

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