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Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands District Office Directory

Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands District Office Directory

María de los Ángeles de Jesús, Deputy District Director
Phone: (787) 766-5164  E-mail: maria.dejesus@sba.gov

Carl C. Christensen, St. Croix Senior Area Manager
Phone: (340) 718-5380  E-mail: carl.christensen@sba.gov

Angelique F. Adjutant, Public Affairs Officer
Phone: (787) 766-5570  E-mail: angelique.adjutant@sba.gov

Jorge W. Betancourt, Economic Development Specialist
Phone: (787) 766-5556  E-mail: jorge.betancourt@sba.gov

Ana M. Vera, Lender Relations Specialist
Phone: (787) 766-5422  E-mail: ana.vera@sba.gov

Samuel Maldonado, Lender Relations Specialist
Phone: (787) 766-5220  E-mail: samuel.maldonado@sba.gov

Wilma Sosa, Program Support Assistant
Phone: (787) 766-5519  E-mail: wilma.sosa@sba.gov

Eva I. Candelario, Business Opportunity Specialist
Phone: (787) 766-5420  E-mail: eva.candelario@sba.gov

Myriam Rodríguez, Program Support Assistant
Phone: (787) 766-5904  E-mail: myriam.rodriguez@sba.gov

José L. Rodríguez, District Support Assistant
Phone: (787) 766-5537  E-mail: jose.l.rodriguez@sba.gov

Enid M. González, District Support Assistant
Phone: (787) 766-5572  E-mail: enid.gonzalez@sba.gov

Liana M. González, District Counsel / Office of General Counsel
Phone: (787) 766-5269 E-mail: liana.gonzalez@sba.gov

Germán Hernández, Attorney Advisor / Disaster Field Operations Center - East
Phone: (787) 766-5978  E-mail: german.hernandez@sba.gov