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VIBCO Takes a Huge "STEP" In Expanding Its Exporting Capabilities

VIBCO began manufacturing vibration solutions in 1962. A leader in their field, VIBCO continues to strive towards enhancing their customer's capabilities through innovative products and efficient service. Today, using lean principles of eliminating waste, VIBCO holds more than 46 U.S. design patents and has developed more than 1800 different pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical vibratory units for use in the construction, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and transportation sectors. 

VIBCO’s CEO and President, Karl Wadensten, is steadfast in his commitment to ensure that VIBCO continues to stand by the qualities it was built on from the beginning – quality, trust, reliability. As time has progressed, Karl has added another element to that foundation, something he calls “True North”. For VIBCO, their “True North” translates to “Same Day, Next Day”; which incorporated their goal of 100% Employee Engagement, Innovation, Throughput, and Quality. “We get the order today, we ship it tomorrow; to anybody,” said Wadensten. “The ocean is just a body of water in between another time zone; you can move products so fast in this world. If we don’t look at the way we transport product in the U.S. – ‘Today at VIBCO, tomorrow in the truck, the next day at the customer’ – and if we don’t share that same thinking with our overseas companies, they’re going to go somewhere else,” he added. VIBCO has always striven to be the first in the development of new products using new techniques and materials. VIBCO holds the patent for the Original Silent Turbine Vibrator.

As VIBCO focused on optimizing their exporting service they turned to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) grantee, the John H. Chafee Center for International Business. The Chafee Center was awarded the STEP grant to help Rhode Island small businesses export their product or service around the world and thus, grow their reach and opportunities, as well as benefitting the national economy, while making Rhode Island Stronger.

In an effort to improve their exporting standards, communications, and processes, VIBCO would send its Office Manager Teri Fossa MBA, as well as its Accounts Receivable Clerk Sabrina Perez to the Chafee Center for courses covering global logistics, cargo insurance, planning a global supply chain, and freight forwarding. “The classes have been very, very beneficial and I look forward to signing up for next year’s offerings,” said Perez. Fossa went a step further explaining what she took from the classes, “These classes gave me the backbone to rely on when I answer a customer. I understand what I need to answer, where I need to go for information, what the legal obligations are, and how serious and important it is that we do it correctly and we’re not just doing it fast to get the product out the door.”

Finding success with their first venture into the STEP program, VIBCO recently returned and applied for The State Trade Expansion Program Grant to help supplement the cost for translations of international marketing media for their website and sales literature. The professional translations will help VIBCO reach markets that had previously shown limited prospects due to language barriers.

As VIBCO expands into international markets, they continue to focus on LEAN manufacturing principals to ensure operational excellence, quick and efficient product delivery, and exceptional customer service; holding onto the foundation they laid back in 1962.

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