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2013 Veteran-Owned Business of the Year

La Minestra, Inc. is a popular Italian/American cuisine restaurant located in a historic building in downtown Pierre that opened in 1998.  Owners Mark and Stacey Mancuso are both Army veterans—in fact they met in the Army.  When Stacey dragged her husband “kicking and screaming” to her home state of South Dakota, he loved everything about it except the food so they decided to open the restaurant.  Mark is a graduate of a culinary school in Seattle and prepares all of La Minestra’s pastas, sauces, sausages and dressings from scratch.  Stacey admits she’s not a great cook, but does everything from accounts receivable to payroll and anything else that needs to be done.  Their three oldest sons, Matt, Nick and Michael are also involved in the business and despite working together all week long, the Mancuso family still gathers and cooks together on Sundays — their day.

Mark and Stacey have been SBA borrowers multiple times (most recently in 2012) using the program for both business and their related entity which owns the building.     

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