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2013 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year

John "brofounded" 9 Clouds with his brother Scott in 2009 when Scott came home from Norway and John was back for the weekend from Minneapolis.  It was when they decided to have pizza and noticed their mother reaching for the phone book to find a number.  It was at that point the “bros” decided to launch their business and use this opportunity to move back to their home state of South Dakota.  Together they connect businesses with customers by using the Internet and adding personality to a brand. 9 Clouds excels at social media marketing, market research, blog development & strategy, search engine optimization and paid search campaign management.  They are also co-founders of Lemon.ly, a visual marketing firm that is on a mission to make the world an easier place to understand.   That company specializes in infographics and data viz, and works with clients in South Dakota such as Purity Seeds in Raymond and the Kuchen Man in Rapid City and around the country including Toyota, Nike, Marriott, PepsiCo and the United Nations.

9 Clouds worked directly with 77 SBDC clients providing Social Media Consulting.  Each client was given four one-hour sessions with one-on-one coaching online, four hours of strategy and analytics from 9 Clouds, a social media best practices handbook, unlimited email support and a one month membership to their online training site for continual support.  Client response was very favorable with positive results.