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Knoxville, Tenn. -The Tennessee SBA Small Business Person of the Year for 2016, Terence Douglas, has an inspiring story of small business success. While working for General Electric and Martin Marietta during the first part of his career, Terence Douglas developed a desire to one day start his own consulting firm that would be able to deliver tailored solutions to its clients in environmental management, occupational safety and health, and project management. In 2000 that consulting firm came to fruition when he and his business partner, Mr. Greg Galaher, founded Alliant Corporation.  Mr. Douglas and Mr. Galaher first met while working together for another small consulting firm in the Knoxville, TN area. It was during this period that the two eventual founders of Alliant discovered a mutual commitment to delivering service excellence to every client at every opportunity.


Alliant’s start was certainly austere – self-capitalized with home offices and Mr. Douglas’ kitchen doubling as the corporate board room. But it is the austere times that test your mettle and strengthen your resolve, and it did ours. With a vision toward managed and sustainable growth, Alliant began building the team that we have today by adding key professionals who shared our common commitment to service excellence. Over the past 15 years, many outstanding professionals have contributed in very significant ways to Alliant being the firm that it is today. In some cases, Alliant is fortunate to still count among its team members some of the first key contributors who joined us. For example, Mr. Jamie Raymer, who joined Alliant 14 years ago, has been a leader in establishing Alliant as a premiere provider of environmental management services. But every team member, past or present, has contributed in some way to Alliant being the firm that it is today.


In addition to employees, many clients have contributed to Alliant’s success as well. In our early years, clients gave Alliant the opportunity to prove itself as a viable, reliable, and value-added service provider. Those opportunities provided Alliant the chance to become the viable and sustainable company we are today that heeds the lessons we’ve learned. Military experience teaches the lessons of mission orientation, task organization, and the importance of flexibility in rapidly responding to changing client requirements or the competitive field. Our previous corporate experience in large business allowed us to learn firsthand what our eventual clients would expect from a value-added business partner like Alliant. And 15 years later, our previous experience in a small business consulting firm stills yields lessons learned about the “dos and don’ts” as we manage Alliant’s business.


Mr. Douglas holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Florida with graduate work in Public Health at East Tennessee State University. He is certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene as a Certified Industrial Hygienist in comprehensive practice. He is also certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a Certified Safety Professional.


Alliant is a consulting firm providing professional services in environmental management, occupational safety and health, and project management from our headquarters in Knoxville, and project offices located in Piketon, OH and Idaho Falls, ID. Since our founding 15 years ago, we have built a portfolio of federal and commercial clients that includes the U.S. Department of Energy and their prime contractors; the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers; U.S. Air Force; NASA; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; Tennessee Valley Authority; numerous fortune 500 corporations, and many others. Alliant’s approximately 60 technical and scientific professionals support clients in some of the United States’ most daunting environmental challenges, such as those posed by the decontamination and decommissioning of legacy weapons manufacturing facilities, as well as supporting the ongoing operation of similar facilities. In addition, Alliant professionals support clients in power generation, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, facility operations, and several other industrial sectors. 



Alliant, like other small businesses, has benefited from the ongoing advocacy by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The SBA’s advocacy takes many forms, not the least of which is the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern Program. The SDVOSBCP establishes the criteria upon which federal procurements with SDVO business interests are administered, and it establishes the framework within which SDVOSBs are given the opportunity to prove themselves as credible and viable business partners through performance.


Terence Douglas' Veteran status is also as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business verified by the VA Center for Verification and Evaluation pursuant to 13 CFR 125 Subpart C.



Alliant was awarded the 2015 Veterans Excellence Award by the Tennessee Veterans’ Business Association. The Veterans Excellence Award is given in recognition of a veteran-owned company that has exhibited the ability to grow and thrive even in challenging times.


Alliant is a family oriented, “destination” employer. This is best represented by the outstanding employee retention rate we have maintained since the company’s inception.  We offer outstanding benefit packages to our employees and their families by which we can recruit and maintain our staff. 


As a federal contractor, Alliant was impacted by the constrained federal budgets of the past several years. Crisis was averted by scaling company operations to the minimum mandatory level necessary to ensure client expectations were met or exceeded. As the recovery of the federal marketplace has evolved, Alliant has maintained a focus on properly scaled company operations which has contributed to our strong financial performance over the past five years.


Alliant is committed to giving back through our support of worthy causes both nationally and within in the communities of which we are a part. From large charities like United Way, Ronald McDonald House, and Young Life to more specific causes like the Knoxville Area Homeless Veterans Stand Down, Stockings from US, the Blankenship Field Revitalization Foundation in Oak Ridge, TN, Pike County Pet Pals, Mission of Hope, Pike County Children’s Christmas Fund, South Central Ohio Regional Science Bowl, East Tennessee Children's Hospital, Pike County Food Pantry, and many others, Alliant contributes time, treasure and talent to charitable causes that are meaningful to our professionals and our communities.


In addition to volunteerism and charity, our employees are involved in other community boards and associations. For example, Ms. Belinda Price is serving as the Chair of the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board for Fiscal Year 2016. ORSSAB is a federally chartered citizens’ panel that provides independent advice and recommendations on environmental cleanup projects and related issues to DOE, which is responsible for the cleanup of the Oak Ridge Reservation. Furthermore, Mr. Douglas is a board member of the East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC). ETEC is an independent, regional, non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting the federal government’s missions in Oak Ridge, TN as well as encouraging new opportunities to fully utilize the highly-skilled talent, cutting-edge technologies and unique facilities that make up the federal reservation, the University of Tennessee complex, and the TVA region.


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