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EnerG3-Energy Services to Canada and the United States

EnerG3-Energy Services to Canada and the United States

Chattanooga, Tenn. EnerG3 is a North American energy management company dedicated to providing cost efficiency and carbon footprint reduction through strategic energy management solutions. The business’ team of engineers, project managers, consultants, and financial experts achieve long-term value through a customized approach that puts EnerG3’s clients’ business needs first. EnerG3 goes beyond efficiency with a comprehensive service and solution portfolio, including power generation, ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and support to deliver a fully integrated energy management package.

Mr. LeVan’s vision for EnerG3 is to bring commercial and industrial businesses energy projects that have returns of 20 percent or greater while at the same time reducing their carbon emissions. The EnerG3 process has been to reduce electrical loans, produce more efficiently on-site energy, and measure for continuous improvement. The energy efficiency solutions are typically building envelop, lighting, and HVAC. The energy production solutions have been solar roofs and combined heat/power (CHP). EnerG3 is beginning to bring energy storage and water solutions to its existing and new clients, further enhancing its problem solving solutions.

The Tennessee Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, provided counseling and training to this business. The SBDC nominated Mr. Levan as the Tennessee Small Business Person of the Year.

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Chattanooga, Tennessee